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Kenny Omega responds to claims that the Elite have ruined NJPW

Kenny Omega

There is no denying that the members of Elite have helped NJPW in becoming a household name among English fans from American countries.

However, while they have helped the company become more popular overseas; there are fans who believe that their comic antics are ruining the original spirit of NJPW.

One such fan recently brought a sign to a show saying that The Elite ruined NJPW. Another fan took a photo of it and tweeted it to Kenny Omega to which Omega replied with the following tweets:

Later a fan asked if fans are not allowed to disagree with him on anything to which Kenny replied by saying “Cool. I’ll agree next time that I’m destroying a company I sacrificed everything for and pray to the heavens that you like me”:

What do you think about these claims from fans who believe that the Elite have ruined wrestling in NJPW? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • Keith Learmonth

    My only real issue with The Elite is that if people from WWE did the whole “Being the elite” thing, they’d be called useless comedy acts by the IWC, who would reject them ever getting serious pushes, but because it’s The Elite, it’s not a problem?

    Daniel Bryan is right about how fickle the fans are. Comedy has a place in wrestling. The Elite are proof of that.

  • The Eilte are some of the best wrestlers in the whole world. Not only do they not hurt NJPW, they help any brand they show up on.

  • CC

    Fans like this are trolls. The whole Bullet Club and Elite have elevated NJPW to something bigger on the world stage, but of course now they are leaving, so called fans claim they destroyed the promotion.
    And then when they say that and one comes up with “yeah but this guy outdrew you”, to which Kenny counters that he has outdrawn bigger names and that merch sales are huge, some tool then tries to play on the whole “our opinions are not valid in your eyes” rubbish. There is a difference between opinion and fact, and when someone tries arguing facts and gets them wrong, then yeah, Kenny is right to point out that you are wrong.

    Frikkin cry babies.