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  • Chris

    I wonder if Nash will mess up his leg while running across the ring.

  • Ronald

    Rich, shows how much you know. There is already talk of him being involved on Smackdown with both Wade Barrett and Big Show. Notice how he went right at Barrett and Barrett was the guy who eliminated him? Not only that, but there have been comparisons between the two (big men who founded similar factions). Finally, in regards to Big Show, they purposed put the camera on the “discussion” between the two. And did I mention they want Nash to induct HBK into the HOF along with Hunter? Yeah, it’s not a “one time deal”.

  • Satan

    Lol @ Nash having to die his hair black.

  • Vinny

    figures with the PG era they bring Nash in as Diesel HAHA. thats ok, I was a Diesel mark back in 1995 too haha


    Good two see the guys. Now for shi! and giggles they should have had Road Dog on there. LOL

  • Rich

    @Mel..naw nash is on a one time deal but booker t is staying

  • Mel

    It was great to see both of them back !! I hope they stick around and do something exciting and stir up some shit ! Nash is very good at that ! LOL 🙂

  • CrazyDJ

    booker t was awesome!
    nash was nice but not as good as booker t 😉