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Kevin Nash Cleared Of Battery Charge Following Recent Arrest In Florida

TMZ reports that Kevin Nash has been cleared of a battery charge following a recent altercation with an adult male outside of a Florida restaurant.

According to the police report, Nash and his wife were leaving the restaurant when a man, who is described as being inebriated, approached Nash’s wife. The man became “aggressive” after Nash’s wife told the drunkard to go away. Nash intervened and took the man down to the ground.

Nash held the man down until police arrived, but was arrested himself on suspicion of battery, a charge that has since been dropped due to lack of evidence.

Nash told TMZ he never should have been arrested and that he’d have a good case to file a lawsuit.

“I’m a 52-year-old fake fighter,” he added. “My hands aren’t deadly weapons.”

  • Sammo

    Can’t believe that Nash didn’t snap a tendon or tear a rotary cuff whilst taking down the drunkard.

  • shawn

    would nashes statement being hes a fake fighter stand in court (if he were to get sued) because of other cases stating a boxer or martial artist were to dangerous because of their respective lifestyle or careers?

  • JIR

    I say good job sticking up for his wife some jerk tried that with me I would do the same thing

  • Davey Zoo

    I think guys like this should have a final retirement feud when the sign legend contracts. Think how good it would be to see Kevin Nash come back and have a feud with someone like dolph Ziggler or drew McIntyre or somebody of that standard where one major push could make them believable for the main event.

    The feud could go a couple of ppv with Nash winning the first. Then the next ppv the other guy could win and then at a big event like summerslam, royal rumble, survivor series or wrestlemania Kevin Nash could put his career on the line and lose. Nash would get to bow out like flair or Shawn Michaels and would put someone over.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    This is surprising, I never would have guessed Nash to be the one who is realistic about his job. Most wrestlers/entertainers/superstars, whatever they call themselves now act like they are the toughest people on earth because they are “fake fighters”.

  • Effmenow

    Kevin Nash. LEGEND.