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Kevin Nash On CM Punk’s Lengthy Title Reign, Ryback’s Botch On Raw, nWo

Kevin Nash appeared on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio with Alan Wojcik & Spug, which airs live on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on In a nearly 40 minute interview he talked about his film career and two of his releases coming to DVD soon (Rock of Ages and Magic Mike), the difference between doing a fan-fest as opposed to what it’s like with WWE or WCW, his views on the NWO DVD release coming soon, has he been contacted to participate with the WWE Network, what does he think of CM Punk’s lengthy title run, what Rick Rude instilled in him coming up, his views on social networking on wrestling today, and much more.

With the New World Order DVD coming soon, does he like that fans of the era can relive it and see new footage of what was done: “I think the body of work still stands out. A lot of it, because we participated in; even though we did it, we’ve never seen it back. There have been so many matches and segments and things that we haven’t seen that sometimes, especially with the production that the WWE has, when they put something together, it’s usually an incredible piece and you sit there and kind of relive it again. You go ‘Oh yeah, forgot about that’. So, I look forward to watching those pieces because it does bring back a lot of memories.”

Does he like doing the seminars and working with the up and coming generation: “The way I look at it, I was fortunate enough to have guys like (Rick) Rude and (Curt) Hennig and Jake (Roberts) kinda guide me, watch me and critique what I did. So, I mean, if somebody asked me to watch them, I’d definitely do it; I don’t think I’ll be able to give them much of a critique on what they should have done from a trained wrestling standpoint. But as far as telling a story, that’s the number one thing; and that’s what I ask a young guy, ‘What was the story you were trying to tell’ because that is the basis for what we do/ It determines what we’re going to do as far as movement to tell that story. A lot of guys have gotten away from telling stories, they’re more into doing spots and I think that’s kind of hurt the business.”

What he thinks of the lengthy Punk title run: “At the same time, with the progression of the character, and everything they’ve done, I think that he was the Straight Edge and now I mean he is, if you take last night’s show, there’s times when I say ‘That was cheap heat’ and then he finds a way to get out of it with good heat like when he backs off Ryback. I mean, he’s done just such a good job; he’s a good worker he’s great on the mic, and now he’s growing into the part and I don’t see how they could possibly even function and conceivably do three hours of a show without him. And the thing is, the one thing is if you can make the belt mean something then that person can, especially from that heel persona, look over his shoulder and say ‘Oh yeah? Well, if I’m not the best, why do I have this and why have I had it this long?’

What did he learn from Rick Rude and what is lacking from today’s wrestling: “Number one, first and foremost, he was an entertainer, but when he did a lot of things to tell a story, I mean he got heat; he was a believable bad ass and he was a dangerous human being. I think that’s one thing missing from a lot of the characters right now; I just don’t believe that those characters right now can physically hurt me. I mean Ryback’s a big dude but Ryback’s not much taller than Phil (CM Punk). I mean Goldberg was 6’4”, 305 lbs.; it was just a different era of guys I think one thing I saw from Ryback last night (vs Tensai at RAW) when did couldn’t do his finisher a couple of times; it’s nothing against him, he was put into that situation and he probably thought he could get him and he didn’t get him, but at the same time, no body is using that spear right now and they’re chanting ‘Goldberg’. To me, go with it. He could use the spear; no one else is using it. He could spear a big guy, it’s like anything else. I mean I used to use the big boot on Yoko(zuna), because there’s no way I could powerbomb him. I always had a secondary finished for a guy you just couldn’t physically put into it. I don’t think it took anything away from him cause the coverage on the announce was Tensai’s experience let him block those two attempts. But if he’d had the spear or a back-up, secondary thing already established, I think it would have helped him out.”

The audio interview is available here.

  • Knobbs


    Goldberg(the original Ryback) Brock Lesnar, John Cena etc…are all muscles known for their strength…they all did the big finish on Big Show. The Jack Hammer, The F5 and the AA all performed and well on the Big Show. While i do think a secondary finisher is needed for ALL talent when you face a guy like Big Show people WANT and EXPECT to see you do it just to see if you can. When guys perform these moves on such a large man it makes their character of being a monster come to life. If Ryback can not do his move on a regular basis or against larger men then maybe he/wwe chose the wrong finisher for him to start with.

  • BoB

    HHH and Austin have it easy with their finishers

  • Big Black Clock

    No one could compete with the strength Goldberg possessed. he could jack hammer anybody, including big show in his WCW days when he weighed more

  • D2K

    @Shawn: Maybe he was sandbagging. I mean, Tensai hasn’t been back in WWE a year yet and he is already being fed as fodder to Ryback? C’mon. That’s a match that probably could have waited till a PPV.

  • mtlhitman

    Nash was always seen as a bad wrestling person and i was looking wwe before and after attitude era Nash always was in my top 10 cause he like to bring heat on himself he like the entertainment aspect of wrestling original nwo was awesome is wwe run was quite a good one and he made a very good point with this week ryback situation.

  • Kawika

    @Shawn I’m not saying he couldnt do it. I’m just saying after awhile seeing the same move gets boring. Not just him but all the performers gotta relise that they need to evolve not just as characters but as performers and story tellers in the ring. You never know when you might need a second way to end the match Monday was a good example it’s one thing to hit it when your fresh but after a long match you do get tired, and both guys are perspiring and more slippery which makes it harder to hit a move like that on a bigger guy.

  • Shawn

    What Nash and everyone else is forgetting is that Ryback gave Tensai the Shellshock on Smackdown. It’s not like he couldn’t do it, something happened on Monday that prevented him. Either he was tired or Tensai was sandbagging (intentionally or unintentionally).

  • poko

    Yeah, I agree about the finisher. A well-rounded performer should have multiple ways to win a match. I think that goes on the WWE, though. When they take inexperienced guys, it’s up to them to train them up to a RAW level. Personally, I think it looks better for the wrestler when they don’t look like a one trick pony.

  • Kawika

    Well like him or hate him he does have a point about having a secondary finishing option. He had the big boot, goldberg had the spear, Taker had the last ride, Hells Gate and choke slam. Face it when you got guys that you cant hit one finisher on you need to have others that you can use, it also makes it a better match in the sense it’s not only one move all the time but in the match it a better story when a guy pulls somthing out unexpected or they got to try avoid multiple finishers from the apponent.