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Kevin Nash Comments More on The Miz and Reports of Heyman-TNA

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Kevin Nash joined hosts of Tha O Show Big Daddy Donnie & Dan-e-o for a candid 35 minute interview last night. Also in studio was one of Nash’s good friends, Mexican wrestling star – Rico Montana.

On comments he made about The Miz on twitter:
“The other night I said something about Miz (on Twitter) – I don’t even know the guy. Don’t really have an opinion on him, I just wanted to see riled i could get people. People just get furious”.

On The Miz being good for business as champ:
“I think what happened is that the company went PG. When you don’t fall into that demographic – well, my son is 14 and he doesn’t have a problem with it”.

On Heyman’s comments that he would have fired everyone over 40 if he was given control in TNA:
“Am I the only one who watched Gran Torino and completely believed that Clint Eastwood could do what he did in that movie at 80 years old. It’s about the character, the human being. You could be 80 and be a wuss, but you were probably a wuss when you were 22. You’re not going to become a badass at 80, but if you were Dirty Harry chances are you’re still going to pull it off when you’re 80. I’m 51 years old and I don’t have anybody coming up and pushing on me”.

He also discusses TNA’s chances at ever challenging the WWE, judging a good worker, helping to change the industry by forcing the WWE to start offering guaranteed contracts, the origins of the name “Big Sexy” and so much more.

  • HBK Fan

    nash is right why in the hell is a guy who weights 175 on good day the wwe champ lets face it miz can talk he can work but do u really believe every time he walks out there he has a chance against big men like you would like shawn michaels or bret hart no he isnt a believe able champion for pete sake lets put the belt on santino next week

  • TrueMisfit

    Kevin Nash tore his quad… WALKING!!!! That’s the most common old people stereotype ever. The dude isn’t bad ass and hasn’t been since like 1997. I don’t even care about his attention seeking, I just wish he would stop about this bad ass business. He also seems to have completely missed the point of Gran Torino.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    That being said Miz deserves a title run more than Sheamus or Cena ever did!!! And is far more talenterd than Drew McIntyre!

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    Nash has and will always be able to put more A S S E S in seats than the Miz can and ever will be able to Brother!!

  • erik

    why do you hate me? because i speak truth? I mean let’s face it undertaker has bad knees his knees has taking a beating in last 20 years he is going to retire soon.

  • adam tarasievich

    Nash just wants people to pay attention to him. He is like bret favre he cant stand that someone else is the center of attention so he goes out and either talks about that person or does something else to get the attention back on him. Nash i will say this in your prime you were pretty good but miz tops you on every level. He is a million times better on the mic then you and he is about a million times better then you in the ring. I mean all u did was big boot powerbomb and rely on your size come on its time to hang it up and stop being so jealous of others success. Also pg thing does suck but miz would be even better if this wasnt pg any more.

  • kill cena haters

    I HATE ERIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • erik

    Undertaker is in same boat as nash bad knees and can’t wrestle or compete at same level he did 7 years ago. undertaker is always getting injuried he needs to retired.

  • jim

    nash hates youth movements..because they interfere with his nursing home movements.

  • Danarchy

    Nash is just an attention seeker who doesn’t like it when other wrestlers (MIZ) get worldwide publicity anywhere so he just puts them down

  • Jur

    Nash has always got heat.

  • Gary

    ^ mainly imo is his backstage politics. Me, Myself will ALWAYS be a Nash fan.

  • !?

    I know I will get flamed for this but honestly why do people despise Nash so much? I was a huge fan of nWo Wolfpac back during the Monday Nights Wars. Is it because he played politics? Or is it because he is a big man wrestler? I’m” not trying to be a smarta** I just see that Nash gets a ton of heats for anything he says about well, anything.

  • venom

    Nash signed with TNA again. I’m sorry but your no Undertkaer or HBK. Give it up!

  • rick

    “I’m 51 years old and I don’t have anybody coming up and pushing on me.”
    They’re probably afraid they’ll break your hip.