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Kevin Nash Comments on RAW Tease, Video of CM Punk on Jimmy Fallon, More

– WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. The appearance was taped earlier in the afternoon. Punk talks about topics trending on Twitter, does snow angels, takes a shot at Tim Tebow and more:

– WWE has released several new Basics t-shirts and are now taking orders for Christian’s new t-shirt.

– ECW Original The Sandman turns 48 years old today.

– We noted before that Kevin Nash joked about running this week’s RAW. Nash’s comments on Twitter had some fans believing he actually would be appearing on RAW. He responded late Monday night:

“My bad. thought I was gonna run Raw tonight. Reread the email and it said ‘hope you go raw dog tonight’. Great night for me anyway! As I’ve said in the past, social media is bullshit. it’s MY ps3. Thanks for playing along tonight. I’ll always be relevant due to my IQ.”

  • SYM


  • CC

    People like Nash need to realise that things like that arent gonna piss off his haters, they are gonna piss off the people who actually like him. Honestly, a hater isnt gonna be the one tuning in specifically to see him then feel let down cause the guy lied to make people feel like tools for believing him.

    Way to alienate your own fanbase Nash.

  • poko

    Could you please, please learn the definition already? Damn, it’s not like it’s a hard one to decipher from context.

    It’s someone who believes the gimmick or takes wrestling too seriously. Kind of like you, when you get angry because other people don’t like the same wrestling characters as you. This is seriously not hard stuff. Educate yourself.

  • The Awesome One

    the punk interview on fallon was hilarious

  • Mutant Pizza

    Kevin Nash? LOL thought he was dead.

  • ant

    poko youre a complete mark period

  • poko

    Nash is a complete mark for himself.

  • @TrevorAllen23

    Whoa.. Tebow is a Champion Punk!

  • False Idol

    Nash proves again what an idiot he is! Good interview with Punk!