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Kevin Nash Comments on TNA’s New Main Event Mafia, Eric Bischoff Comments on Matt Morgan Leaving

– Eric Bischoff commented on Matt Morgan’s TNA departure, writing on Twitter:

“@BPmattmorgan is a talented, passionate performer and athlete who is going to be a success in whatever he pursues. Enjoyed working with him.”

– Kevin Nash tweeted his thoughts on TNA’s new Main Event Mafia group:

“Watched TNA on dvr tonight though Magnus was a great choice. Do the writers not realize Joe was in the original MEM? WTF?”

“One more thing when the talent crew was talking about making it in the business it’s 5 years if your not over ain’t gonna happen. 5 years over or your a bust,you may find 10 that made it but 2000 didn’t”

  • TOmC

    Any idea where Matt Morgan is going to land ??

    I was always pissed at TNA for not utilizing him better. What a waste and loss (on their part). I woudl actually like to see him back in WWE and start some “big man” feuds with the likes of Ryback, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, maybe build up to a Morgan v. Undertake card, etc.