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Kevin Nash Congratulates Mick Foley, Talks WWE HOF

– Kevin Nash, who at one point was discussed for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, wrote the following on Twitter about Mick Foley’s induction:

“Congratulations to Mick Foley on his HOF induction.His love and physical toll are unprecedented.Thanks for our last match 2gether old school”

“Not sure if at this point I could do the speech.Just putting the WWE experience behind me.Know I would want HHH and HBK to put me in.”

“This is Micks night, in NYC his home turf.You don’t need any one else.”

  • D2K

    He will if Trips has anything to say about it. Every member of the Kliq will be, and should be.

  • Jack

    Nash has to be in the HoF at some point. He was WWF Champ forever and he was the co-founder of one of the biggest and best stables ever.