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Kevin Nash Discusses Working with WWE’s Next Generation of Talents and More

– Kevin Nash recently spoke with Slam Wrestling about his future with WWE. Here are some highlights:

Working with the next generation of WWE talents:
“I think it’s a good fit, helping out young talent, especially right now. The only people that can help out young talent are people who have experience.

It’s true that (the older generation) can’t give them that much in terms of showing them (moves), but we can give them psychology — how to put a match together, how to tell a story. One of the biggest problems this business has had, is that the people who have taught wrestling have always been ‘mechanics’, but they’ve never been the guys who’ve drawn money. You need guys that have drawn money to teach guys how to draw money.

There’s a different process to be an opening card guy to being a main event guy. There’s a specific way a main event guy works. Those are the things that I think I can bring to the new generation of guys.”

Things working out right in his career:
“I don’t think there’s a lot of people on the planet that have my size, my build, my face. Most giants aren’t exactly handsome and can call themselves ‘Big Sexy’. I’ve been blessed with a different package than most big guys. I was more mobile than most — even when I was beat up and torn up. And I had a good sense of humour. And, like anything else, the stars have to kind of line up. I was blessed that things worked out for me.”

  • shawn

    give me a f’n break. nash knows his wrestling, why must people bring up follies of his when he has “main evented” in the big 2 promotions? so he was a booker and abused his power by putting himself in matches, yeah thats crap. but he got there maybe because he impressed the higher ups with his knowledge he had at the time. and maybe now hes a more humble instructor.

  • Steve

    Maybe Nash will teach them how to forget your knee brace and re-injure your knee just days after being cleared to compete again (after missing several months), thus totally destroying a major storyline.

  • cenahater

    must be nice for HBK to put you over.

  • Camille

    Kevin Nash couldn’t have even helped the young guys pull off moves when he was in his prime. Unless its a big boot or a chokeslam that is.

  • Ronald

    First of all, I want to say that I’m a fan of Mr. Nash.

    Now… is he full of himself or what? I mean, the guy was good and had many memorable moments, but it’s not as if he was a mega star. Mention “Hulk Hogan” to a random person on the street and they know who he is and what he’s done. Same goes for Stone Cold (no need to say Steve Austin) and The Rock. Mention Ric Flair and many, non-wrestling fans will be familiar with him. Likewise with Randy Savage. And Bret Hart.

    But say Kevin Nash and most will think you’re talking about either a hockey player or basketball player. Now ask someone if they know who Diesel is and they’ll tell you it’s a truck. Okay then, ask them if they know who “Big Sexy” is. On second thought, you might want to reconsider unless you want them to call the cops on you.

    The fact is this: Nash was a member of the nWo. That’s about it. As the WWF champion Diesel, he himself didn’t sell out arenas as many former World Champions have. He will tell you he did, but you can’t deny facts.

    Ultimately, as I said, I like Kevin Nash. I appreciate his place in wrestling history (and hopefully future). But he’s no first ballot Hall of Famer.

  • venom

    I honestly feel bad for Kevin Nash. He was so happy to make that Rumble return. That return was for nothing so far.

  • VenomEX

    and it doesn’t hurt to be friends with some of the biggest names in the business

  • CC

    Kevin Nash more mobile than most … thats not something I ever thought I’d hear someone say with a straight face.