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Kevin Nash Expects To Wrestle CM Punk, Explains Why He Lost Promo Duel

Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan DC’s Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes does a wrestling show (The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show) on Friday nights. Last Friday, Dukes conducted an interview with Kevin Nash; during the interview Nash answered questions on the initial confrontation between himself and Punk, if his health was an obstacle in returning to the WWE and if we would see a reprisal of the Punk/Nash clashes. Here are links to the interview and the entire show. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

On CM Punk/Kevin Nash promo:

Chad Dukes: They had the whole thing with you where they you were being kind of disrespected by him, and they were blurring the lines between what was a shoot and what was a promo…How much…I know you said you didn’t want to work with a script, but did they give you a rough outline of what you to say? Were you okay with everything that was said back to you? Because you’re a guy that did do the things you said; you established a pay scale, you made it so wrestlers could get paid more than they ever had before. You brought that credibility and I felt there was so me disrespect there. How much of that were you okay with and how much of that was actually a shoot?

Nash: Well the thing was I understood what my job was. Going in, my job wasn’t to bury a baby face and come across more witty than he was or anything else. That wasn’t what I was brought in to do. The old Kevin Nash, would at anyone’s cost, would have gotten over. As you get older, and your best friend is very much in charge of the day to day process, and he looks at you and asks you to do something that’s just kind of like ‘Wow, they’ve really got me hog-tied on this one.”

After question on health:

Nash: CM Punk has on the back of his t-shirt “Best in the World.” Ya know? And I said to myself, I said to a bunch of other people ya know, his shirt says best in the world. He’s going to have to prove it if he is going to drag my 52 year old carcass through 14 minutes of a match.

On future of a CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash match:

Chad Dukes: Do you think we’ll get that match with you and Punk? I think a lot of people would still like to see that come to fruition even though he is kind of doing the baby face thing with Hunter right now…You think we’ll ever see that match?

Nash: Absolutely.

  • voice of reason

    hey venom i hope all is well on your side of the world, i can alot of times be an extremely skeptical person i always have what pt barnum said running through my head “theres a sucker born every moment” there is always a shukster around every corner.

  • venom

    @voice of reason

    Don’t buy into that. It’s a troll trying to get attention. I do believe Fatt Hardy goes on these sites every now and then.

  • voice of reason

    if this k nash guy is real how about the next time he’s on raw give a shout out to all of us on this site then i’d believe him until then i remain highly skeptical.

  • venom

    At least Nash isn’t like Hogan trying to bury talent.

  • voice of reason

    @ k nash are you real or just a poser

  • Soulshroude

    Mr. Pena, you really need to work on your article skills, the whole interview in writing is botched. Please edit better.

  • Devil_Rising

    The thing about Nash is, “clique” shit aside, as Diesel, in the WWF, he was in great shape, he was sharpe, he was an awesome talent. Then he went to WCW, had 300 knee surgeries, and just has over time gotten really slow, old, and sloppy. It’s not all his fault, but he is certainly a shadow of what he once was, whereas guys like Undertaker can still have a great match.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    to answer you question roxanne, yes. that is exactly the case.

  • RoxanneConner

    Like Nash could have gone toe to toe with Punk in a battle of wits. I hate Punk but everyone has to admit that he’s a sharp tongued smart ass. You could tell the text message comments and other things that one night on RAW really got to him because Nash isn’t that good of an actor.

    Anyway, it’s 2011, why are we still talking about this decrepit relic? Is the state of the wrestling world that bad that Nash has become semi-relevant again?

  • Smayne

    Is this the same Kevin Nash from 10-15 years ago? Nice to see he’s mellowed with age.

  • K-Nash

    Well my comment got deleted. do I need to prove my identity just so I can’t get my opinions deleted? Effin christ moderators, go get breakfast, shower, work, and effin relax.

    All I was saying is that if I wanted to be more vulgar with my comments, I would. PG R(aw) us won’t let me.

  • K Nash

    @Effmenow, dude you don’t even know me. I’d school CM punk if given the chance, but gotta let the young guns get the spotlight, and make them look good.

    So stfu @ all haters, i’ll kick everyone’s asses so hard, they’ll kiss the moon.

  • D2K

    At least Nash was honest about what he has left in the tank. It will be a test to see if Punk can carry him.

  • Effmenow

    Let me guess, the match will be No DQ because we all know Kevin can keep up with the young guns today. The guy is gunna blow another quad.