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Kevin Nash Hoping for Big Show Feud, Talks WWE Developmental & More

– In a new interview with John Pollock of The Fight Network, Kevin Nash says he hopes to face Big Show at this year’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view and talks about almost doing something with Show at the WrestleMania 27 pay-per-view last month. Nash notes that it wouldn’t have been fair to take the WrestleMania spot of another WWE Superstar who had been waiting on their first WrestleMania.

Regarding his WWE return at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, Nash said those few moments were better than anything that happened to him during his five year stint with TNA.

Nash also talks about how Shawn Michaels (who he thinks won’t ever return), other veterans and himself may get involved with WWE’s developmental process that Triple H is currently heading up. You can see the video below:

  • wildeye

    could we see another Diesel vs Undertaker later on? Wrestlemania match where both retire after

  • italia911

    Im in for Nash vs Big show … Nash 4 life !!!!

  • Bill

    I could see either a heel Big Show vs. Diesel or Wade Barrett vs. Diesel, both at Summerslam. Those would be interesting matches…..

  • Stephen

    Khali vs Disel please no that would be the worst match ever i would rather see goerge the animal steele vs the gobbledy gooker lol

  • TomC

    Well, they already did the HHH v Kevin Nash thing the last time Nash was in WWE … didn’t last long and, to be honest, wasn’t all that exciting.

    Now, if Nash were able to actually PERFORM to any kind of exciting degree, then there are LOTS of potential cool feuds/grudges that could occur – CM Punk, The CORRE, Big Show, Del Rio, Cena … hell, if they repackage him right, even Khali.

  • Swaggameista

    TRIPLE H VS. KEVIN NASH! I’d Like To See That One.

  • cam

    lol disel vs john cena for wwe title at summersalm 😛

  • bob hawk

    If nash is on summerslam it will be the first ppv I have bought in years

  • muh boy

    nash will say whatever you pay him to say

  • Chryogenos

    If his knees weren’t like that i would agree, and i think that would be a dream match! but i agree with Dave, his knees are unable to do that

  • dobblas

    shutup cc you f*ckhead. big sexy 4 LIFE!!!!!

  • Dave

    Just No.
    Listen to your knees.

  • angel

    diesel is coming back.

  • Greg

    I guess he never passed geography….Penticton is located in the southern interior of BC, 4 hours north of Spokane…..about 1800 miles from the Yukon.

  • Tommy

    I’d watch Nash/Show

  • CC

    Nash returns to WWE at the Rumble and slags off TNA in interviews.
    Nash doesnt get a talent contract with WWE and starts talking about should he go back to TNA.
    TNA obviously shows no interest so Nash then starts talking about wanting a WWE match again.

    The guy needs to give it up. Pick a side and stick with it, stop doing a Kurt Angle.