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Kevin Nash Hurt in the Main Event at WWE’s Night of Champions PPV?

– After Triple H decked Kevin Nash with a sledgehammer in the main event at Night of Champions, Michael Cole, who had lost his voice, was seen writing something on a piece of paper and showing it to Jerry Lawler. Lawler then showed the paper to members of the WWE crew who then ran to the backstage area.

After the main event, Nash stayed on the floor until someone came from the back to tend to him. The “X” symbol was thrown up and other officials came to check on Nash, even Jerry Lawler. Nash finally staggered to his feet and was helped to the back by officials.

  • venom

    I thought he pulled his back after power bombing Punk. lol.

  • voice of reason

    if i was to give nash a role it would be behind the scsnes or on tough enough his days as a wrestler is well & truly over get him down to fcw as a trainer or even get him to work as a manager but not a wrestler anymore

  • KitKrock

    Nash equals fail.

    But lmao @ Black Snow: “That’s my big hommie”

  • Centerman

    Big Sexy no doubt blew out a knee or two and will require some extended time off. He was unconscious you say? Meh’ Knee issue just the same.

  • Bawb

    @ C – Station


  • J-Roc.

    Nash hurt? There is a shocker..Not…

  • evilangel

    I agree with “voice of reason”.

  • Red Rooster Fan Club

    Can’t help but compare Nash to Flair in this situation. Sorry, 52-year old man, you are high risk.

  • xBraiNshOcK

    poor Cole. LOL! Hope he alright to talk tonight on RAW.

    King and Booker did a great job tho.

  • C – Sation

    @themark a bolt? like Frankenstein?

  • Themark

    If nash was a horse, he would’ve had a bolt put through his head long ago.

  • hog316

    Can’t even interfer without getting hurt. Give it up!!!

  • voice of reason

    i have heard rumors nash is easily prone to injuries so maybe kevins thinkin was “get into the wwe again sign a contract get injured & get paid for my recovery”

    i don’t know the full situation but i am just theorizing

  • BlahH

    Cole lost his voice 🙂

  • mark

    face it hes too old now

  • Jimbo

    inb4 “he tore a quad”