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Kevin Nash Interview – His Last WWE Run, CM Punk, WWE vs. TNA Contract, HOF

Chris Kelly (@H2HCrelly) and The Trey Dawg (@TreyWNL) were joined by former WWE Champion Kevin Nash (@RealKevinNash) for a special interview on this week’s Running The Ropes found over at Highlights from the interview are as follows:

How the idea of his WWE return came about: “I was actually on my way to go to the gathering with the Insane Clown Posse and I got a phone call three or four days before that and they said “Hey, do you want to come to SummerSlam and stick Punk and make him lose the title to Del Rio?” I said, “Yeah sure, why not.”

Thoughts on CM Punk: “I would have liked to put the kid (CM Punk) over as I think he is a good talent and I enjoy watching him and he could definitely carry me to having a good match. I have enough left in me and I need somebody with his ability to have that stellar match.”

Thoughts on his last WWE match: “To me, me and Paul didnt have my last match (as) I think I deserve to have a last match and if I could put someone over, I would be happy to do so. I have a few movies coming up so I’m enjoying working on the Indies as I can work when I want to work.”

The difference between being on a WWE Legends contract as opposed to a TNA contract: “The money (being offered in TNA) was becoming almost global wrestling proportion. My whole thing is, you can offer me $200,000,00 for 10 dates but you own my brand, my name and my name is worth more than $200,000,00 whether I step in the ring or not.”

Stating on Twitter that the WWE Hall Of Fame means “nothing to me”: “I was just emotional as a really close friend of mine got released and then you get this people on Twitter who go on a rant taking about the WWE Hall Of Fame and it’s like, you know what, Randy Savage isn’t in the Hall Of Fame, Rick Rude isn’t in the Hall Of Fame and there is a lot of cash cows that where mentors to me that I wouldn’t comfortable being in the Hall Of Fame in front of them.”

He also discusses Vince Russo garnering too much blame, how the finish to a match is created and how it’s out of the writer’s hands, the creative process at TNA and more. The interview is available here..

  • CC

    Actually Brian, his commas are in the right place, its Nash’s that arent. A two followed by seven zeroes is twenty million. Go back and recheck the article.

    As for Nash. I wonder if he is bipolar. His mood swings are all over the place from interview to interview. One minute bashing TNA, the next praising them. One minute bashing WWE, the next praising them.

  • Brian Adams (DPW)

    Robinson the actually number is a LOT less then that. Put your comma in the right place next time before you trash someone.

  • Rich

    Kevin Nash should have got that match against Cm Punk but they fucked up the whole storyline and gave it to Triple H instead

  • Robinson

    He thinks his name is worth 20,000,000?!

  • Angry Benny

    Nash is trash, washed up, he wants a last hurrah, but in my eyes he’s done too much wrong in the company and the fans, it sucks because I was a huge fan of his, and then I heard all the shit he’s pulled over the years to other wrestlers, fuck Nash, he could wrestle a broom handle up his ass for all I care, His name is worth how much?, he doesn’t need to wrestle or put people over, he needs to babysit his Drugged up, pill popping retard of a drunk Hall and just go to retirement home already

  • False Idol

    As with everyone who has been quoted on here, if they give a balanced answer, I think it’s fair to give them the benefit of the doubt. I still don’t like Kevin for his klique days but you never know, people change and I think he genuinely wants a last (awesome) hurrah in the WWE!

  • scooter

    Nash really does seem to have chilled mellowed since his wwe days I know Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt speak very highly of him as he helped get them over while he was in TNA.

  • Bill

    I’d like to see Nash return to Smackdown as a face to put over the younger guys, granted I’m not saying he should be in top storylines & world title matches, but he could face guys like Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, or Dolph Ziggler to add some variety to PPV matches.

  • Maxwell

    Kevin Nash is like Chris Benoit..they both suck!