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Kevin Nash Offers Dixie Some Advice, Says WWE Is His #1 Priority

– Kevin Nash has took to Twitter to defend his recent praise for WWE and offer some advice for Dixie Carter. He wrote the following last night:

“My 1st priority is WWE. Whatever they need and want me to do, I will. Vince brought me back. Boston crowd showed me the love. I bleed WWE!

I’m not kissing Vince’s ass. I’m thanking him for letting me go out the way I feel I deserve to. Ever have a dream come true? I just did.

When wcw took over the WWE for the short time we did, it’s bc Ted Turner paid HUGE $ for talent. Wanna put tna on the map, Mrs. Carter? Set aside $50m. Start with Cena and work backwards. Don’t walk into a Mercedes showroom and ask what new AMG S-63 I can buy for $25K.”

  • Treg

    o_o there’s so many things wrong with what Nash said I don’t even know where to start.

  • Dan

    Lol I love how u slate nash… If u was close to reitement would u slum in in crappy tna for minimum wage and to be Eric bishoffs ass licker and hulk hogans shoe shiner… Or would you go to wwe get a 6 figure salary… Hall of fame entry deals that will keep money coming in for the next 100 years cos of games figures ect… Tna Has talent yess but they don’t have talent in the board room they can’t Market there stuff for shit there creative ideas are even worse than wwes rip offs of old storylines… Don’t even start me on ric flair and hulk hogan there a joke money/power hungry pathetic old washed up old men who don’t know when to quit.. 🙂

  • TomC

    I don’t think Cena, Orton or Taker are leaving WWE anytime soon. In fact, Taker will RETIRE from WWE at this point.

    If I were advising Dixie Carter at this point in time, I would do exactly what Nash said in terms of setting aside/acquiring the capital to acquire more RECOGNIZABLE personalities – such as Batista, Lashley, Sid Vicious, Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas, BRING BACK Billy Gunn & Jesse James, Jerry Lynn, LET TOMMY DREAMER WRESTLE, maybe give HALL & WALTMAN another run, bring back Mick Foley, etc.

    Like it or not, RECOGNIZABLE PERSONALITIES SELL TICKETS/PPV BUYS. You can dislike some of these guys all you like – but they have PROVEN themselves to be draws (maybe not so much Benjamin/Hass … but TNA NEEDS more Tag Teams).

  • mike

    looks like nash join the kiss my ass club

  • Snark Mark

    I’ll admit it is difficult to take Nash at his word after all these years. That and the guy can’t go anymore. He could barely move around the ring in 2002, what are they gonna do with him today?
    But he makes a good point, TNA is only as good as their most recent acquisition. They got significant mileage when they signed Jeff Hardy the first time. Getting Kurt gave them legitimacy. If they could score Cena or Orton or Taker or Rey it would be their first real declaration of war in years. But those guys, Cena especially, are loyal to the core.

  • James

    Seeing Nash tear his quad again in 5 seconds like he did in 2002 would be a great sight. I didn’t want to see him in WCW, TNA, or WWE.

  • RAMSES 2


  • Ralph

    Nash you were a loser in WWE and you still are a loser today. You won’t even make their main brand, RAW. TNA picked you up when WWE told you BYE. Nice loyality you loser, and just wait to see how long you last in the WWE.

  • RAMSES 2


  • Gary

    @eric, half those names lost there ‘Pop’ years ago…. He is talking top guys right now, Which, are all WWE…..i think he means likes of, Cena, Orton, Undertaker, show, big names like that

  • Wishing he’d die of a brain tumour, are you 10? Idiot.

  • Eric Nixon

    I agree that he’s full of BS, but he right. TNA needs to get a few of the most recognizable names in wrestling, just like WCW did the mid-nineties and go from there. But there’s just one problem. They already effin did that, Kevin!!! Why do you think that you, Booker, Kurt, Hardy, etc were brought in?!?! TNA had, and still has, the talent to succeed. But the management there just can’t seem to get their crap together.

  • Vinny

    I guess it was all good news at the meeting he had yesterday then. If his dreams just came true then the meeting went great, I suppose. Good. I wish Nash the best in WWE. He’s earned it.

  • Vinny

    I like Nash more and more everyday.

  • mark

    oh please , i bleed WWE. he left in mid nineties, comes back for in 2002 for a few mths then leaves again!!! what a load of bs

  • Kujo

    Rick, I disagree, but that was fucking funny. Good work.

  • rick

    I don’t usually wish injury on wrestlers, but I hope Nash dies of a brain tumour.