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Kevin Nash on a Kliq Reunion, Dixie Carter’s Comments Toward him and Returning to WWE

– Kevin Nash was recently interviewed by Monday Night Mayhem, here are the highlights…

Wrestling Future and first Post Royal Rumble WWE Project: “I mean, your guess is as good as mine as far as if I’m actively going to wrestle. I know I’ve got some stuff I’m doing with THQ this week for the video games. I just play it day by day.”

His thoughts on Dixie Carter’s revelation that he was still under contract with WWE before he signed with WWE and the moment he knew he no longer wanted to remain in TNA: “Yes I was. The angle was Kurt (Angle) was beating Jeff (Jarrett). Fortune came down, put the boots to Kurt, and got heat on them. Abyss came down and had a 2×4 basically nailed to his spinal cord, which maybe just seemed a little strange for me that that would at least be attempted murder. If Abyss was not paralyzed from the neck down the next week, it would kind of seem like a foolish thing to do. Flair screamed back up, and Kurt made a comeback on the entire Fortune group and basically cleared the ring. What reason was I coming in for? If Kurt can beat them on his own, I definitely don’t need to come in there.”

A Kliq reunion at WrestleMania XXVII or part of Mania weekend in Atlanta: “I talked to Sean (Waltman), and I’m sure he will be there. Scott’s (Hall) kind of the wild card of it. Of course Paul (Triple H) will induct Shawn, and I will be there. I guess Scott is the wild card. The last time I talked to him, he was thinking about going back into a rehabilitation center, so I don’t if he is going to be available to be there that weekend or not.”

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  • Evil Doink

    “…Carter’s revelation that he was still under contract with WWE before he signed with WWE…”

    Um, you might want to double check that.

    I’m over it now.

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    dude…. get over it

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    how can sumone get ddt twice on concrete and minute later win the match? he had no blled no bumbs or nuttin on his head yeah superman