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Kevin Nash On Miz’s Sudden WWE Title Win, TMZ Also Cover The Story

– With reference to Miz’s title win last night, TMZ covered the story referring to Mike Mizanin’s transformation to “The Miz” and his role in MTV’s “Real World” entertainment show.

The lead paragraph reads: “Mike Mizanin – a former reality star from “Real World: Season 10″ – was officially crowned as the heavyweight champion of the WWE last night … after a huge surprise upset victory over Randy Orton.”

– Kevin Nash had the following to say about Miz’ shock title win yesterday on RAW:

“WWE told the world that there sh*t is a work with the Miz as champ”

  • squiggy

    I am a tool and tna is never going to be like the wwe. i was so high when i wrote my last post.

  • rick

    Why does anyone care what this has been thinks?

  • Logan

    Wasn’t Nash part of the Fingerpoke of Doom? Yeah that’s all I’m gonna say about that lol

  • squiggy

    I don’t care what anybody says the wwe is not new and exciting it is garbage.You wwe freaks all complain that tna is all over the place and the storylines dont stick.Now we have no resolution to any of the main raw storylines coming anytime soon and now we have added on at least one new stoyline just in time for king of the ring, which is typically used to create a few storylines that run at least to the rumble.Top it all off with the the most annoying f’n commentator in the world, (I literally thought about taking a shotgun blast between the ears when he JR showed up and cole wouldnt STFU)and a dead storyline of who the general manager is,(edge was trying to find out he gets shipped to smackdown and now nobody cares who he is now) and you have got the worst 6 month stretch in wwe history. I am officially done with WWE and VKM after 30 yrs never missing a show.the will get no more PPV and merch sales from me or my son ever again. Yeah stand up for WWE..Stand up and Leave…peace

  • shawn

    nash is just talking smack. he knows damn well a wrestler any size can have an “it” attribute.

  • rko

    Yeah, right mean like david arquette?

  • Big T

    I thought raw was one of the best I’ve seen in a couple of years. I’m cool with Miz being the champ. He’s come a long way in the last few years.

  • adam tarasievich

    To Jim: thats what everyones promo’s are. Cena the champ is here never give up blah blah blah. The rock finally the rock has come back to …………. Triple HHH i will show them why i am the game and why i am that damn good. everyone basically cuts the same promo over and over its catchphrases and thats how he gets people to hate him by makin fun of the teams. Also the heat one on sunday was amazing.

  • cheddar bob

    Jim, isnt that the same thing the Rock did? he cut the same exact promo week after and wasnt he “the best entertainer” in the wwe?

  • jdub

    wow wwe is now wcw from the late 90’s. they had david arquette as a champ and now wwe has road rules miz as a champ………perhaps they could get wayne and garth to win the tag titles next!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jd

    Why does everyone like to complain… I want fresh faces… Nexus is terrible… The miz’s promos are all the same… Uh the rocks were mostly the same just change the name in the joke… I’m sorry but as some one who has watched since the 80s I do kinda like the direction this is all going… Nexus is like a younger nwo which was incredibly popular durning everyones favorite era… The miz and Michael Cole do great at their job which is to piss everyone off… And I’m tired of everyone complaining about the pg thing… Get over it the wwe is a business and if any of u have ever run a business u market towards ur money which in this case isn’t a bunch of grown as men with nothing better to do then complain about lack of fake blood and cussing… It towards the millions of dollars they make off toys (when the toy maker says be pg or we won’t make ur product that makes u $$$ then u do what will make ur $$$) and if ur an adult buying these toys get a life

  • jim

    Date: Nov 23, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Miz as champ= Next week of raw bragging about how he became wwe champ!
    Can’t wait!
    Miz as WWE champion is new and it’s interesting to see how this will end up…Is Miz turning face? Who is he feuding next? Why is he so….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOMMMME!?
    no he will cut the same promo he always awesome blah blah blah your sports team sucks blah blah..and end with im awesome..same old promo different week.

  • sandman

    @ john well you were prob to young to watch hogan/nash run wcw to the ground and i like the nice twist of the mis winning its not the same old stupid super cena and i hope they make john morrison the king of the ring he needs a good push and AAAAAAAWWWWWSSSSSSSSOOOOOMMEEEEEEEE

  • idontknow2

    Miz as champ= Next week of raw bragging about how he became wwe champ!
    Can’t wait!
    Miz as WWE champion is new and it’s interesting to see how this will end up…Is Miz turning face? Who is he feuding next? Why is he so….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOMMMME!?

  • sensation1011

    oh and one more thing Cena really does suck! what an idiot he thanks all the wrestlers in the past he looks up to on raw but forgets the one he steals all his material from THE ROCK THE REAL CHAMP!! stupid ass Cena you looked more of an idiot for not thanking the one you ripped off!!

  • sensation1011

    Nash needs to understand that no one care what he has to say. He has never been nothing but a big stupid goof in the back of a better entertaining “fake” wrestler ! yeah i said fake nash remember wrestling is fake? so stop putting down that idiot miz for being fake looking when last time i checked wrestling is fake>? you big stupid goof! atleast that stupid idiot miz knows he is stupid!

  • Nash needs to stfu. This is coming from the same idiot who let Hogan win the belt in WCW by getting poked by a finger.

  • John

    Cena gone + Miz Champ + Nexus running wild = I don’t watch WWE anymore! Pitifull, almost as bad as when Nash & Hogan were ruining the WCW.

  • jim

    while i dont agree with miz being champ..nash is full of it…his ego fails to let him applaud a younger guy making it to the top..this is the same guy who said the WWE youth movment was stupid.

  • Vinny

    ^ and I might add that RAW was actually pretty damn good last night. Might have actually got my interest involved again.

  • Vinny

    I’m not a fan of the Miz at all, but come on Nash. Maybe if Vince gave the title to another washed up, over 50-looking has-been… maybe that would have seemed more ‘real’.

    give me a break.

  • mr-rusty

    plus wrestling isnt all about skill, although i would say miz is very talented but he can also work a mic and whip the crowd into a frenzy of hatred. basically everything you want from a heel champion. plus hes obviously put the work in,

    i say good on the miz, hes obviously worked hard and done what it has taken some superstars ages to achieve.

    nash only got where he was because of shawn micheals.

  • CM Mark

    Isn’t that the point of money in the bank? So someone who wouldn’t normally win it can?

  • BillyB

    is this the same man who lost to Hogans ‘finger poke of death’

  • Jeff

    And Scott Hall tazing Goldberg was so realistic?

  • adam tarasievich

    ya nash cause you were so much better. REALLY NASH REALLY. I mean your hole thing even when u were in shape was lumbering around the ring big boot powerbomb WOW. Miz is alot more entertaining then nash big cray beard just wants to keep his name out there because even in tna were they have a deep rooted love for these old guys he doesnt even get used shows how bad he is. Also when wwe resigned him and gave him a shot what did he do got hurt like always.