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Kevin Nash Saying He’s Open To Returning To TNA, Eric Bischoff Responds

Kevin Nash stated during a recent interview with that he would be open to returning to TNA Wrestling due to the numerous benefits the organization provides.

“I have a fifteen year old son, and at this point my son needs a Dad more than the world needs a wrestler. The thing that makes TNA work for me is that first of all I have way more friends there than in WWE. I made some friends once I came there – Punk and I got along well, me and Ziggler got along well and I got a chance to hang out with John Cena – but my crew of guys that are still in the business are more the TNA guys,” he told Rob McNichols in an interview for the One Sided Ring podcast.

“It’s fifty miles from my house. I can drive over there; I don’t have to get on a plane. I can put my gear in the trunk, drop the top on my convertible and be over there and do it. It was always a really easy travel day for me. I enjoyed being down there. I also part of a lot of the young guys – AJ, Eric Young, Bobby Roode – in their early stages of development. Now these guys are becoming stars. I’m not saying I wouldn’t go back. If they had something for me and they needed me, I would go back and do it. Right now I’m starting to get bored!”

TNA Wrestling producer Eric Bischoff reacted to Nash’s comments via Twitter, writing, “Hear Kevin Nash is open to coming back to Impact. Lots of history with Kevin. Always great to work with. Another Detroit guy on the team?”

  • uta

    for god sake lets just call TNA WCW: The Second Coming and have it done with as i’ll be amazed if they are still in business in 18 months

  • ##

    Just stay home Nash

  • Little Jimmy

    TNA is a place where if u know the right people you’ll be treated as royalty, Even if your a has been and haven’t been relevant for 15 years.

  • StocktonJoe

    And the Worked Shoot IS ……………. (drum roll, please) ……….

    On the 3/22 Impact, Dixie Carter handed the reigns back over to Hulk Hogan. Hogan will of course “think about it” on the 3/29 Impact, then turn on Dixie Carter on the 4/5 Impact. Nash will come back, and the “Newer World Order” will be reconstituted one again. Hogan, Flair, Nash, Bishoff, Steiner, hell-if he’s sober even Scott Hall. They could run around beating up and people and then spray-painting them. That’s NEVER been done before!

  • Fuck nash he has no passion whatsoever for this business he just goes where the money is

  • Bill

    Wait, I’m confused. Nash says that he’s got more friends in TNA than in WWE. Aren’t his best friends Triple H & HBK already in WWE? Plus, he doesn’t even appear on TV. He can just keep his legends contract & be with his son.

  • JasonX

    Kevin Nash, Diesel, Vinny Vegas……you are old and you suck. Go home get away from the TV and enjoy all that money you made in the big leagues…….unless you smoked it already.

  • Dx

    Yeah I thought a 5 year legends contracts

  • CC

    Wow. Nash really is getting desperate these days. One minute he is bitching about TNA saying WWE is the place to be, then when things dont work out how he would like with WWE, he says TNA is the better place to be.
    Quite frankly, if TNA takes him back, they are fools after the way he left them.

  • brian_sXe

    @scooter “Great mind for the business huh..

    Boy your diggin deep to try and kill TNA but dont even bother, Hogan and Bitchoff aare doing fine killing TNA on their own…

  • scooter

    I’d love Nash to be involved behind the scenes because he has a great mind for the business but I don’t want to see him wrestle!

  • DJK

    I thought WWE signed hiom to a multi year contract.

  • Flip

    Why do all those old wrestlers keep saying aj styles and Bobby Roode are up and coming stars when they are better than those wrestlers were in their prime?

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    holy crap they are realling going to use the WCW SPike through the heart of TNA demise. Of course with that said it will probably be better than some of the crap they have had lately

  • adam

    Of course tna is up for it another guy in his 50’s that can hardly move anymore why not….give me a break. He was bad enough in that rivarly/ match with triple H at tlc a year ago just give it a rest nash.