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Kevin Nash Says He’s Packing His Gear For Raw, Kelly Kelly Launches Website

— Kevin Nash stated this evening on Twitter that he’s packing his wrestling gear for tomorrow night’s Raw SuperShow in Tampa, Florida.

He wrote, “Made up my mind, packing my wresteling gear. Someones getting a beat down in Tampa tomorrow night on Raw.”

As of Saturday, both Nash and Triple H were scheduled for the event. The official website for the St. Pete Times Forum removed Triple H from advertising today after he had been scheduled for the show.

— Kelly Kelly has launched her official website,

— RF Video announced The Honky Tonk Man as a vendor guest at WrestleReunion in Los Angeles, California. The event takes place January 28.


  • Nicholas G

    I am a big fan of both HHH and Kevin Nash. An we all know at the end of the day these two are still best friend. But the truth is HHH can still bring it between the two. I mean love Kevin Nash but HHH is miles better. An Kevin Nash knows this better then anybody that is why this feud is happening. I mean in TNA they made Kevin Nash look like a joke. But HHH will make Kevin Nash name mean something again because that is just what HHH does. Take a guy who is up in again an still make him look good in the ring. Yeah maybe HHH can’t do it like he use to but there are some wrestler he can still do it with. Which is why HHH vs Undertaker was such a success because both HHH and Undertaker can do that with any wrestler in wrestling.

    Yeah it looks like I am more of a HHH fan but only speaking what I see and believe. But it just my opinion that between the two HHH and Kevin Nash HHH is still miles better.

  • Bill

    @Adam, so much of HHH has been shoved down our throats, he’s been coming out of our asses as you know what. From 1999-2001, HHH’s mega push was entertaining & notnthat old. From 2002-2005, it was a bit stale, but at least he was heel, so it was still entertaining. Then he turned face in 2006, & was still beating everyone. Then he started to get boring. It should’ve been Nash vs. Punk at NoC. HHH should’ve turned heel & had an Austin vs. McMahon-esque feud with Punk. Nash should’ve reformed the nWo with AwesomeTruth, & HHH should’ve recruited them & reform th Corporation with Steph, Lauranitis, Del Rio, & possibly Cena. It should’ve been Team Punk vs. Team HHH/Corporation/nWo at Survivor Series. That would’ve blown the roof off the house. Ryder, Booker T, & The Rock could’ve all teamed with Punk & get HUGE pops. Rhodes, Barrett, Ziggler, & AwesomeTruth could’ve gotten WAY over by teaming up with HHH’s team. Jericho could’ve returned at SS & start his feud with Punk, or Punk could’ve beat Del Rio at TLC for the title, & start his Y2J feud at RR. Cena could do his thing with AwesomeTruth, HHH’s stable could’ve broke up, & a FACE Kevin Nash could’ve square off against HHH in the sequel to their 2003 feud. By the Rumble, Cena could start his feud with Rock, Jericho with Punk, HHH could finally agree to face Nash 1-on-1 at WM, & you have a fantastic card already with great build-up. But NO. HHH HAD to face Punk at NoC & literally steal an epic feud from CM Punk & us fans. Now, Nash’s return was a waste. MITB was a waste. Stephanie’s segments with Punk were a waste. Kevin Nash is fantastic superstar, & I mean storyline-wise. He is VERY entertaining as a star. nWo, nWo Wolfpac, Diesel character, or 2002 return, Nash was a great character to utilize, but WWE now acts in the name of merchandise profits & McMahon/HHH family idocracy. The Rock is a great character, but WWE could do better with this feud. Bottom line is, I want to see Nash because he’s ENTERTAINING. No wonder people complain about the WWE name change. Where’s the entertainment?

  • Dave

    Triple H was already a big name before he got with Stephanie. I’m not saying he would have lasted as long as he has without the McMahon connection, but he would have still been a star whoever he married.

  • Freakzilla

    Ah yes, a Kevin Nash/HHH thread when every poster on here pulls out their medical degree and claims to be an expert on the above mentioned superstarsmedical history just by reading the snippets on a dirtsheet site.

    Stay tuned for more on how TNA is going to die as a company, like it has supposed to have died 1 million times since its creation and yet still exists!!!

  • MaNic

    we will never know how big HHH could of got without the help of having an ” in law silver spoon ” in his mouth. i think if he didn’t get with steph that he would of been gone a long time ago and maybe we would be calling him ” Hunter James ” now

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    ^^^^ If everyone was doing what Punk is then there would be nothing special about it. Kofi is very talented but I do agree that Swagger is boring but he’s really not that great of a wrestler (ok but not great) But until he gets something done about that speach impediment he will never be a good mic. man. Suffering succotash.

    I also agree that HHH is still one of the best. He still has the “IT” factor and his love for the buisness really shows.

  • L

    …so triple h can’t move anymore? Yet he can still pull off one of the best wm matches last year with take… :/ and still good matches with punk…he’s still one of the best… U want people who are a waste of space.. Well kofi is crap… Swagger is boring (good wrestler tho), we Need people who can actually interact with the fans and wrestle… Look at punk… Everyone should be doing that

  • Whatever

    I love triple H and I can’t wait for his comeback!
    come on wwe, make the storyline epic please!

  • Jerry Lynn


    Dumb ass.

  • Dan

    He clearly means he wants to see Nash despite the fact his quads are wrecked.

  • adam

    @bill. You claim triple h is damged goods then why in the hell are you excited for kevin nash who can hardly move any more to get in the ring.

  • Stevie P

    Sorry, but I’ve been a mark for Nash ever since his Diesel days. I can’t wait to see him on Raw again.

  • PinkSinCara

    Further punishment for Evan Bourne: A huge powerbomb from Big Sexy Kevin Nash

  • Bill

    Who cares if HHH is coming? As bad as his quads are, I want to see good ol’ Big Daddy Cool in the ring again!