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Kevin Nash Rants on the WWE Hall of Fame, Says WWE Released a Friend of His

– Kevin Nash went on a long Twitter rant about WWE and the Hall of Fame on Thursday night. Nash says the WWE Hall of Fame means nothing to him. Here are some of his comments:

“HOF means nothing to me,If I Die before it I,ve asked my wife to pass.Nothing against it or WWE,but if Pete Rose ain’t in cooperstown”

“Just don’t need it to validate my life.I wake every morning to the sight of the ocean. for a Detroit boy I’m already in”

“I watched it this year from up close,just don’t need the stress,I love the WWE,just love me more.90% of my shout outs are gone.Not cool”

“Don’t worrie some stooge at WWE;who’s job is to read all this shit will as of tonight’make sure it never comes up,let alone happens”

Nash was accused by a fan of drunk tweeting. He replied that wasn’t the case. Nash says he was upset because he just found out that one of his “dearest friends got let go today from WWE.”

  • The Iron Sheik

    Kevin Nash is a good friend of mine. He not a jabroni like that fag Hulk Hogan. The Scott Hall no deserve to be in Hall of Fame. F*** the Scott Hall. He come drunk to my roast. Im gonna get even with him. Have a nice day.

  • Cropsy

    it’s sort of true that the WWE hall of fame is phoney bologna. While a hall of fame should include people who shaped the business or were great at their trade. HOWEVER, by putting celebrities in there who made but one appearance, that’s what totally nullifies the credibility of the HOF. That being said when’s Snoop Dogg getting inducted?

  • Kamalas leg

    My leg deserves to be in the HOF more then nash !

  • Orlando Jordan’s boyfrrind

    My hubby Orlando Jordan deserves to be in the HOF more then Nash , the chief of staff in HOF 2013. Hell yeah !!

  • Orlando Jordan’s boyfriend

    My hubby Orlando Jordan deserves to be in it more then Nash , the chief of staff in HOF 2013 , hell yeah !!

  • Angry Benny

    I gave up on Nash along time ago, I used to be a huge Outsider fan, Hell I even gave up on Hall long time ago too, they made WcW go under with that crazy clause in their contracts to be the highest paid wresters, in thier prime they were great, but now they are nothing, no draws, they will never be nothing, YOU DON”T DESERVE TO BE INDUCTED YOU PIECE OF WHITE TRASH, and you still think you should be paid a crazy amount of money for what? your mic skills? your fame? You suck, I went from loving your character to hating it because you ruined WcW IMO, and anything else you ever did you greedy soul sucking snake,

  • Soulshroude

    Kevin Nash = Hypocrite. He states that he doesn’t feel the need to validate himself, but every time he rants, he tries to validate himself. Kevin, it seems that your only ability left is to rant and rag as though you are on that time of the month every week.

  • JIR

    I don’t really like to go at an individual but I agree with you on Edge going in too early and Drew Carrey, Pete Rose in the HOF is a slap to wrestlers, But KEVIN NASH MADE KEVIN NASH not WWE or WCW. Good luck with whatever it is you DO in TNA. I understand not risking your job but what in the blue blazes do you actually do?

  • sdd619

    They fired Triple H… I’m kidding lol

  • John

    This is all probably just a matter of Nash’s ego being hurt that he hasn’t been inducted yet. Maybe if there was a WCW Hall of Fame but Nash’s impact in WWE was mostly a negative thing. He had maybe 2 or 3 good matches and didn’t draw a dime during his whole WWE tenture.

    And yes Nash does seem bipolar. Just last year he was talking about how much he loved being back and praised WWE to no end. Knowing him he was probably expecting them to make him WWE champion or something.

  • Gorilla

    Um honestly nobody gives a damn what SYM HAS TO fact wrestling edge wipes a Gorilla ass with what you post…W-E won’t ban the Gorilla because unlike you i eat pie and know and understand more about wrestling than your punk ass you punk bitch…AND STOP VOTING FOR YOURSELF…GORILLA IS GETTING OVER and you can’t stop what the ppl want…..yes yes yes….now be like nash and ban yourself from wrestling

  • SYM

    HONESTLY W-E Like Can U guys ban Gorilla? The guy posts 87,000 times in a Row on 1 Damn Article! And hes annoying AS BALLZ!

  • Gorilla

    I meant fuck not duck ….fuck

  • Gorilla

    And fuck nash he had 4 moves total even cena says duck thats lame

  • Gorilla

    In the words of the rock, this is for you nash “we wipe a monkey’s ass whith what you think”

  • Mark

    Oh dear wots wrong with him?? WWE Hall of fame is the recognition to all the wrestlers for the effort and amazing moments that they have given wrestling fans over the years. Hes blown his chance of him being inducted.

  • poko


    You’ve completely missed the entire point of a legitimate Hall of Fame.

    A Hall of Fame exists to keep history alive and to honor those that provided the foundation for today’s stars. A Hall of Fame exists so that we can give respect to those who have earned it, and ensure that their contributions are acknowledged and communicated to future generations. Just because you personally haven’t heard of a particular wrestler doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a significant impact on the profession.

    I can understand criticism of the WWE HoF, because it’s pretty obvious that it selects candidates on more than simple merit, but that doesn’t mean all HoFs should be judged by that example.

  • b c Mitchell

    ^^^^That viewpoint is shortsighted and slightly ignorant. Just because the current generation of fans isn’t familiar with the previous generation of stars doesn’t undermine or negate the contributions those stars made. Just because you aren’t familiar with what a Hinus Wagner or a Gorgeous George did to pave the way for an Alex Rodriguez or an Alberto Del Rio doesn’t mean nobody should care or that they don’t matter. Without the pioneers of sports we don’t have what we have today. Those guys paved the way for what we see today. Without Gorgeous George there’s no Buddy Rogers. Without him no Ric Flair. No Flair no HBK. Todays stars were inspired by the legends of their youth. Just like tomorrows will be inspired by todays. Not realizing that is what makes the modern day “smart” fans out there seem like dumbasses.

  • dave

    Hall of Fames are dumb. your success and impact in the any business/sport leads to you being remembered in the minds of the fans and that is the only HOF that matters. i understand that baseball HOFers from the 1930s are still “remembered” simply by having their names there BUT who really cares or knows those characters. plus how many ex-baseball playerz from the 1930s are people saying are players who should be in HOF, the way same wrestling fans say Macho or Warrior should be in. how many wrestlers from the 1950s are fans saying deserve to be in HOF?

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Kevin Nash will on; accept the HOF entrance if Scott Hall is entered also

  • kane

    once he realizes he can charge people more money if he is listed as a wwe hall of famer, he’ll change his mind again.

  • b c Mitchell

    WCW played a part in making Nash big is true. Problem is they had him before WWF and made Vinnie Vegas and Oz. WWF made him a star when they made him Diesel. Only reason WCW signed him and Hall for the NwO was because Vince had already done the hard part and made us believe his lumbering slow injury prone ass was a real star.
    For the umpteenth time does everybody realize Savage was asked to be on the hall and turned it down a few times. Vince asked and Randy said no. That’s Vince and Randys fault he didn’t go in before his death.
    Lastly Nash us a fuckin liar, sort of. The only way he’d say yes is if he was the centerpiece main attraction of that years group. His ego will keep saying no unless he’s the biggest star featured. Or until he’s the highest paid whichever is easier

  • Gorilla

    All American Hero after your remark towards jason i got say your a got damn genius

  • Gorilla

    Your right im wrong sorry and if its a joke i guess hbk’s where also but hey i was just saying the brawler deserved it and would honor it but im wrong ….oh and to say wcw made nash is stupid because if he wasn’t already a star why would wcw pay all that money to get him ….maybe to give him a shot at the oz character again give me a break wwe made nash and hall

  • all american hero

    Jason go eat Don wests Dick

  • poko

    Yeah, a HoF where selections are based more on marketing potential or on a performer’s relationship with one company will never be completely legitimate. The WWE HoF is NOT a true wrestling HoF, despite their attempts to appear so. I can understand why Nash doesn’t really value an induction that much. On the other hand, it is an honor, and it’s really for the fans, so I don’t understand why he would turn it down.

  • SYM

    Ima agree with Jason for once just because Edge got inducted before Randy Savage, and because Drew Carey was inducted before Mr. T

  • xXx

    *click* *click* *click

  • Jason

    Gorilla WWE did not make Kevin Nash, biggest load of shit ever. If you call WWE making Nash the lowest drawing champion in the history of the sport only to be followed by HBK a WWE made star than you my friend are a fucking tool.

    WCW made Kevin Nash and also made him a draw.

    WWE hall of fame is a joke, ask any worker that has worked for WWE in the past and they will tell you it is all a marketing tool. Guys like Edge, Pete Rose, Drew Carry, Mike Tyson and others prove that the hall of fame is a joke.

    Yes I said edge because while he is a great worker there was no reason besides marketing to give a spot to Edge at this point in time. Five to ten years yes but now hell no.

  • Gorilla

    This has nothing do with this article so i apologize if anyone don’t like it…..Wrestlemania 29 will be in jersey and HOF will be at MSG, WELL TO GET TO MY POINT ANYONE WHO’S ANYONE THAT DESERVES TO BE INDUCTED WHO WAS NEVER A “superstar” but loves this business like a fan is none other than The Brooklyn Brawler…..#13HOFBRAWLER

  • Little Jimmy

    If that was to happen, WWE & Big Johnny are gonna get GOT!

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    i think the person who got released was r truth!!!!!ron and lil jimmy got future endevoured!!!!!!

  • Gorilla

    Here’s the thing with ppl like Nash, they think their opinion will matter and yes it’ll be herd and talked about,but Kevin no matter what WWE made Big Daddy Cool WWE is reason you wake up to ocean view, and if this is how you give thanks then you are everything ppl say about you. See here’s the thing getting backto all these wrestlers dissing the hall, WWE will still go on without you all the HOF will still honor the great performers without you, and KEV you know now why you’ll never be considered one of the best because HBK,Taker,HHH,HART,FLAIR,AUSTIN,ROCK WILL ALL BE HUMBLED TO BE INDUCTED AND HAVE BEEN GRATEFUL FOR WHO ALREADY HAVE INSTEAD OF MOCKING IT.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    i think nash will accept the hof as long as he doesnt have to dye his hair…lol

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    If they offered Nash money to be in the Hall of fame he would do it.Nash will do anything if the money is right

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    i am thinking its someone behind the scenes that got released….

  • Buttercastle

    Kevin Nash is more bipolar than my ex gf.

  • zach

    Andy levine? Nash-wanna-be??

  • Alpha Wrestling League

    Join one of the biggest feds around

  • Unique

    Rey been released?