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Kevin Nash at RAW, Backstage Reaction to His Segment with CM Punk and More

– Kevin Nash is expected to be at this coming Monday’s RAW and will be a regular character on WWE TV going forward. As teased on Monday’s RAW, the plans are indeed for Nash to face CM Punk in the ring. The idea behind Punk and Nash feuding is to give Punk a top name that would put him over.

Regarding their segment on Monday’s RAW, the feeling backstage was that Punk got the better of Nash and Nash’s comebacks were too inside and outdated compared to Punk’s.

Since Nash didn’t get that big of a reaction when he came out on RAW, there was talk that they need to do a better job of explaining on TV to the current generation of fans who Nash is.


  • Bill

    In all fairness to WWE, they almost NEVER referenced Naah because he was in TNA. Hell, why not talk about guys like Kurt Angle more often? I mean, he’s a legend. So what if he’s in TNA? Just don’t talk about TNA. As for his theme, I think that Diesel remix from RR 2011 suits him fine. I mean, if they decide to give him the nWo theme(not Wolfpac), then that would be a different story.

  • The Man

    Give him.the wolfpac theme, get the old blonde hair back hed get over more. Show him in wcw 97-99

  • FutureEndeavored

    I think the reason for Nash coming out to no music was that they wanted to introduce him as himself, and not Diesel. They were probably also trying to work the serious, reality-based angle by doing so.

    I don’t see a match with Punk as being any good either, but just being used as a means to an end, like a setup for another feud with someone else (ie – Triple H does a run-in or something…)

    I believe Nash is at least 50 years old now, isn’t he?

  • White mark

    They shouldve brought back Chris Jericho to feud with Punk they wouldve been great together.

  • josh

    How about instead of explaining it, you should market your product to older fans? I only wish…

  • Hardlyaaron

    @F BOMB When was the second one? The only legit clean victory I remember him having was at Money in the Bank.

  • F BOMB

    @cenasucks he has 2 pay-per-view wins over cena clean

  • CJay

    @Joe, totally agree. I was at Buffalo Wild Wings & when Nash came out to the Diesel music the place erupted. I don’t see why they used it back in January & can’t use it now. I’m a Nash fan, but his knees are completely shot & I can’t see him in a match with someone as highly athletic as Punk. I was also disappointed with what happened on Monday. Nash is usually pretty funny & witty, but he came off very flat. Not his usual self for that whole pitch & it looked pretty terrible.

  • J

    he should come out to the Wolfpac theme

  • Marky Mark


    R-Truth actually has theme music now!!!!!

  • mabry

    @ CenaSucks, got it now, thanks for explaining….

  • venom

    I think they were playing R-Truth’s music as he came out.

  • Joe

    Any time someone walks out with no music or video, the pop won’t be as big. When he came out as Diesel at the Rumble, he got the second biggest pop of the year, right behind the Rock’s return.

  • CenaSucks

    @Marby, it means that only people inside the business would know what he was talking about, so like fans who are into knowing backstage things like the people who visit dirtsheets etc, whereas your casual fan, who unfortunately wwe aim the damn product at these days, wouldnt know what he was talking about.

    Basically, only fans who know the business would knnow what nash was meaning.

    Oh and sidenote, why the hell have him beat nash? FFS HAVE HIM BEAT CENA CLEAN. there you go, punks over, thats all it takes, but no, that cant happen cause SuperMegaWillNotDieUltraPowerCena can ever get bat clean

  • mabry

    what does “Nash’s comebacks were too inside” mean????…… the ” too inside” part is what i dont understand….

  • D2K

    @ Prince: Yeah I know right. It’s not like he doesn’t have any theme music. Did they lose the tape that had his theme music he used in 2003? :/

    I’m not sure how this feud is going to be beneficial for CM Punk either. Beating up a has-been like Nash doesn’t really say much. I’m starting to lose confidence in this whole angle. It’s starting to lose cohesion and branch off into unnecessary elements. I hope they are going somewhere with this.

  • venom

    WWE is now going to push Punk as their top wrestler. Punk is already over but a victory over Nash would be good too, eventually leading onto an Austin/Punk feud.

  • breezy

    so they need a big name to put over cm punk? so john cena isnt a big name or john cena wont job to cm punk? and kevin nash is still a big name? bring him back as a body guard not a wrestler have him similar to big bossman back when he came into wwe as vince’s bodyguard

  • brodkill

    Imagine Cm Punk trying to do the GTS on Nash

  • Howe

    I agree with Poko. This shouldn’t really be a match seeing that all reports say that Nash’s knees are SHOT.

  • poko

    Punk’s comment about his little sister saying “LOL I thought he was dead” regarding Nash was golden. There really is no counter for that. Nash’s usual stance that people only care about watching 300 pound guys wrestle is clearly untrue, so that was kind of a meaningless point to make.

    Honestly, I just don’t see how Nash can sell Punk’s moves very well. These will likely not be the greatest of matches.

  • Prince

    He also needs some theme music. Walking out in silence didn’t really help.