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— Three months after Kevin Nash’s last appearance for TNA Wrestling, his profile page has been removed from the company website’s roster page.

— The January 27 episode of TNA iMPACT! scored a 1.28 cable rating, the program’s highest mark since October 14.

iMPACT! averaged 1.93 million viewers over the course of two hours, which is the third largest average audience in the program’s history

The first hour drew a 1.34 rating before dipping to a 1.23 in the second hour.

— Tommy Dreamer is now working as a producer backstage.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • Chuva

    If Nash shows up at the RR, removing his profile from the roster page the day before is akin to announcing it. All I’m really saying. Now, he doesn’t show, then shows in TNA next week, it would be a good move. Granted, him showing, and them removing could just be a WWE move too. I can’t see WWE wanting a guy they just signed being listed on another companies roster. And if that’s the case, dumb movie by WWE.

    I miss the good old days when guys showing up on PPV were surprises, and not “news” for dirt sheets to dig up. And yes, I know you don’t have to read sites/sheets. And yes, I know 90% of sites “spoiler” tag things. And yes, I in all honesty don’t really care, cause I haven’t seen a WWE PPV since Mania 2006. I follow news cause I’m still a wrestling fan… or it’s just a habit.

  • andre lewis

    look it was more then politics that killed wcw aol time warner didnt want any wrestling on any networks thats what killed wcw tna is trying too hard to be successful tna needs to go back to its original style and formula tna started as a wwe alternative not competition


    i agree with CC, wcw tried to mock wwf (at the time) by revealing mankind would win the wwf title on raw, and everyone still switched over to see it happen.

    trying to take on a far more financial superior company with petty revelations could cost tna more than they would bargain for.

    at the end of the day, nash is more or less in retirement, one final paycheck that will make his next few years sweeter would be difficult to turn down. id do the same.

    although id have much rather seen sting coming to the rumble.

    how amazing would it be for the lights to go out when theres tons of entrants in the ring and on comes stings crow theme.

  • CC

    yeah, that would be really hilarious to mock a guy for going to take a bigger paycheque than he would ever get in TNA, or mock a company like WWE that makes more in one PPV than TNA makes all year.

    that kind of mentality is what killed WCW with stuff like the Mick Foley is champ incident.
    Instead of constantly sniping at WWE, TNA needs to look to themselves and sort out their own horrible product before slagging off the company thats blowing them away with viewing figures and money.
    WWE may not be a great product, so the only way to take it on isnt to bitch about it, its to be better than it.

  • Chuva

    TNA should just go, “Good luck at the Royal Rumble Kevin!” right on their website. LOL! That would be hilarious.

    Man, the last RR I watched was 2004.

  • rick

    When he’s done in wwe you know tna will take him back straight away.
    Half the wwe audience probably won’t even know who he is.

  • danaisapussy

    tna is for the jobber fluffers anyway

  • http://mj380766@hotmail.com mj

    it took dixie carter’s mom to get rid of nash yet daniels and other orginals get the door.

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