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Kevin Nash Responds to Roddy Piper Telling Him to Have Some Class, Calls Piper a Coward

– We noted earlier that Roddy Piper responded to Kevin Nash with the following, accepting his challenge for the podcast showdown:

“@RealKevinNash Don’t degrade your status with such language! There’s kids on here! Have some class! Your welcome on my Pod-Cast! Hot Rod”

Nash responded:

“@R_Roddy_Piper set it up .Follow me we’ll exchange numbers . There’s a whole lot more for you to worry about on Twitter than bad LANGUAGE”

“@R_Roddy_Piper Don’t degade your status with stories of you ever standing up to me.Your the coward.Saw it in you eyes when I smacked you”

  • ron

    twitter fight? LOL

  • mustang

    Oh oh, there’s trouble going on.