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Kevin Nash Looking To Return To WWE, Madusa Wants To Beat Up A Diva, More

— Kevin Nash says he is keeping himself in shape in case WWE officials are in need of his services.

“Waited 7 months after the Rumble,just staying ready if WWE needs a fit,52 year old gray headed 6-10″ dude,” Nash wrote on Twitter Friday.

The legendary grappler teased the possibility of returning to TNA Wrestling last month during an interview with The Sun due to the close proximity of their television tapings and having numerous friends in the organization.

— Madusa, who formerly competed as Alundra Blayze for WWE, continues to target the organization’s female performers through social media.


— WWE returns to the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland on November 8, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale April 20, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. (thanks to Devin Cutting)

  • voice of reason

    is it me or did the headline for this article make you think of the movie fight club “medusa wants to beat up a diva” because it made me think of the movie fight club.

  • Gorilla

    Sorry for noticing it i was just saying didn’t mean offend nobody but ok no homo

  • xMaskedReptilex

    Wow, it actually does looks like 2 guys kissing….

  • brian_sXe

    Madusa is a victem of her own stupidity…

    Kevin Nash should go to TNA so most if us never have to see him “grapple” (pull a quad) again..

    @Gorilla never looked at it that way….then again…im not a homo

  • Gorilla

    Did anyone else notice the wrestling edge logo looks like two guys kissing wtf man

  • adam

    Hey madusa why dont you call out Kharma that way she could destroy you

  • xXx

    madusa calls out some diva and will disappear again

  • Gorilla

    Did gorilla just call someone an idiot 🙂 no i called madusa and idiot she is a no1 ;)…and where’s kamals foot i ate it 8)

  • Gorilla

    Madusa your a fucking idiot

  • JohnCena33

    “Waited 7 months to heal my quads, just preparing come back in case WWE needs a fat limp gimp.”

  • JohnCena33

    Nash blows out a quad, again.

  • JayHawk

    Right storyline right time I could see Nash back I the wwe but only to put over a up and comer not main event

  • My Morning Jacket

    Once again Nash is referred as a legendary “grappler”. Legendary yes, grappler don’t think so.

  • jackson

    Actually I disagree. Easy to hate but I was at TLC in Baltimore for the Nash/HHH match and he performed well. Exceeded our expectations for sure. Still I’m sure he pulled both his quads twice.

  • adam

    SO first nash wants to go to tna again now wwe. Will someone give him a backstage job just so he stops posting about being ready. The last time he was in the ring it was awful it was basically triple h vs the ladder vs the sledgehammer and nash was just hanging out

  • SYM

    Kevin Nash should go back to being Oz. BTW Where is Kamala’s Foot?

  • Bill

    Big Daddy Cool rides again!….. possibly.

  • Bastion Booger

    You better watch what you say she went to ITT im sure she is no capable of hacking into your computer and getting all of your info

  • mitown

    That is so mean, but so funny at the same time.

  • Satan

    The chick in the ITT ad is Hideous