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Who Is Kevin Nash?, Scott Hall No-Shows Indy Event, Rob Conway On Twitter

— has posted a ninety-one second video retrospective highlighting the influential career of Kevin Nash. Titled “Who Is Kevin Nash?,” the video package features clips of Nash as “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel, his memorable exploits with the New World Order, his appearances for WWE in 2003, and his surprise returns at this year’s Royal Rumble and SummerSlam.

“Kevin Nash, he’s one of the top players without question,” Jim Ross said of the legendary grappler. “He was the catalyst. You can’t look at the top stars without including Kevin Nash. And you really can’t do it honestly without putting Kevin Nash toward the top of the list.”

The highlight video can be accessed here.

— Scott Hall no-showed Saturday’s I Believe in Wrestling event in Orlando, Florida. According to the organization’s official website,, he was advertised to host the show with former TNA star Desmond Wolfe.

— Former WWE star Rob Conway has launched an account on Twitter. He announced Monday that he will be competing in the NPC Kentucky Muscle Mens Physique Division this November, noting that he is 98% fat free.

  • venom

    Maybe Scott Hall is dead.

  • josh

    @Jimbo That’s unfortunately true. Maybe they should stop gearing towards 6 year olds and try older fans who actually have the money to buy shit

  • da_radio_guy

    Apparently Scott doesn’t believe in wrestling anymore LOL

  • Roger

    @ Jimbo
    hahaha so true!

  • Jimbo

    Educating the Lil’ Jimmies.