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Kevin Nash Talks About His Recent Comments on Wade Barrett

– You may remember a few months back where Kevin Nash made some negative comments against Wade Barrett and Nexus during an interview he did with Sean Waltman. According to Nash, he was working an angle of his own the whole time. Nash wrote on Twitter:

“I watched WWE product. Knew I could draw $ with Wade. Said whatever I could to instill interest. Amazing, I talked all that shit.

And of the 40 guys in the RR, the one person I disrespected the most was the one that eliminated me was Wade. Poetic Justice. God I love it.”

When Nash entered the ring on Sunday at the Royal Rumble, he went right at it with Barrett as the crowd popped.

  • andre lewis

    it doesnt matter none of these new era wrestlers would of lasted in the territory days guys who were sleeping in cars getting paid 20 bucks a match it was hard back in them days thats what i was talking about you honestly believe orton sheamus barret or anybody today would of made it in the 80s or 70s era they had it easy compared to austin and company who barley made it cena and orton went straight to wwe from ovw thats a fact they didnt struggle on the indy scene or territorys who cares what lameass has done on the indy scene the fcker still got lucky if nash is a kiss ass so is lameass being hhhs butt buddy a guy going from a nobodie to wwe champion without any type of character build in 5 months thats bs lesnar did it too but he had a presence about himself a goldberg like aura lameass or barret comes off as forced

  • Satan

    Lol fucking Nash kissing ass he’s gonna pretend now that that he’s with WWE that all the shit he said about Wade was bullshit or an “angle”.

  • nick

    hahaha wow sheamus and barret went to wwe straight out of wrestling school? shows what you know. barret trained at dropkixx wrestling for years before he went to FCW, wrestled all over england and is a great technical wrestler just hasnt been aloud to show it, same goes for sheamus who was wrestling in ireland for years before getting a chance in the states

  • andre lewis

    nash did say some harsh things he buried alotta guys on youtube shoots but some of these guys he talked about are lame and corny barretts not all that or sheamus these guys went to wwe straight outta wrestling school cena orton all of them back in the day it would of tooken years to get to wwe or wcw nash austin taker jericho all worked the territorie scene back in the day indy wrestling is similar but its different all these guys get lucky and i think thats why nash talked shyt about them all because they had everything handed to them cena and orton wouldnt of made it in the old days thats a fact

  • 6burgh

    Nash joined the Kiss my a s s club

  • Davey Zoo

    I never know with this guy if he is full if it or a nice guy. I’ve seen some interviews with him and he seems like a knob but then you hear stories that he helped Scott hall & X-Pac through addictions. I know if I was wade or Sheamus or any of the other people he has talked nonsense about I would be keeping an eye on him. 😉

  • lol

    lol, how come Booker T is keeping quiet?

  • 808notsogreat

    to the haters who are fond of repeating the same thing; well duh!

  • Clench123

    Nash is full of shit but I’m not suprised.

  • RaTeD R

    wade could knock out nash for real any way

  • macho.can

    nash is full of c r a p. He spoke rubbish cos he wasn’t with wwe but now he’s got his head up vinces pooper he’s goin back on it…..idiot!

  • mj

    brock lesnar? he’s signed to ufc. there no way in hell they’ll let him go.

  • someone

    if that feud happens at ‘mania, Sting or Brock Lesnar could have more chances at ‘mania against the Undertaker

  • mj

    That would be a sad match, all wade has to do is kick nash in the legs and he’s done!