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Kevin Nash Talks About Going Into WWE’s HOF, Diesel In 2K15, Facing Reigns, Savage, More

– Kevin Nash did a Q&A session after a screening of “nWo: The Revolution” at Hollywood Boulevard Cinema in Woodridge, IL this weekend. Below are some highlights:

* The Diesel character will be in WWE 2K15 and Jay Lethal just finished filming all of Nash’s moves and entrance for the game.

* When asked if he would prefer to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as Diesel or as Kevin Nash, he stated that he would refuse to be inducted as Diesel.

* Nash was asked if he would be willing to come back and work a match with Roman Reigns. He said, “I enjoy walking too much to ever do that” and then touted Reigns as a “gifted talent” that will make it big in the business.

* The subject of Randy Savage being inducted to the Hall of Fame came up. Nash stated that the reason Savage hasn’t been inducted yet is because of the Poffo family and that they need to let it happen. Nash also said the Savage you saw in the ring was the same Savage they all knew outside of the ring and he still can’t believe that Savage is no longer here.

Source: PWInsider