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Kevin Nash Talks About Scott Hall’s Recovery, The Shield’s Success and More

– Kevin Nash was interviewed by Chad Dukes of 106.7 the Fan DC/CBS Radio. Here are some highlights:

The success of the Shield and WWE Developmental: “I think those three guys have done a great job. I think that they’ll all break away and have good individual careers, from that stable. They’ll all go off to be single guys. They’ve done a really good job because they’ve built, Hunter’s got a great developmental program down in Orlando now, and its all under one roof. Nobody’s being taught bad habits and have to have those habits broke and be taught the ‘WWE way.’ Everybody’s being taught the ‘WWE way’ coming in the door, and I think that way the transition from NXT to Raw is such an easy transition for the guys because the Full Sail set up, and a lot of people haven’t seen it, is just like a mini Raw. When you come down to the ring it has that same feeling.”

Scott Hall’s recovery: “One thing Dallas [Page] gives that a lot of people just don’t have is Dallas has always been the cup half full guy. He’s a real positive human being. I just think that’s what Scott needed more than anything, to be around somebody who’s a positive influence, and to get him pointed in the right direction. Dallas was going to try and get him on the YRG, but once he got down there his hip was so bad they had to get a hip replacement and that’s really held Scott up. He got to a position where he was living clean, there were people around him 24/7 that cared about him, and it just made it easier, that transition to determine on a daily basis not to use.

“My whole thing was they kinda hijacked him on YouTube . They cut that promo where Scott wasn’t aware that it would even air and he was hammered drunk. That was my whole problem, you don’t do that to somebody. Show him six weeks later in Atlanta and then say this is where he came from and you show that second, but you don’t show that first.”

His feather ruffling comments to Grantland a year ago about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan’s size: “I’ll always feel that way… when they made the movie Avengers, Scarlett Johannsen, Hawkeye and Captain America did not fit with Thor and Hulk.

“People want that. Ryback got pushed to the moon because he had that look. People want to see that. You get over faster if you look like you’re a monster. I don’t take anything away from… I wanna see a 6’5″ guy get on the mound and throw a 110mph fast ball. I really don’t want to see some guy doin’ the Maddox [former MLB Pitcher Greg Maddox] and cuttin’ the corners and all that. I appreciate it, but I wanna see somebody come in there and throw 3 pitches, 110mph, strike the guy out.”

On Daniel Bryan in particular: “I would love for him to carry me.”

  • I respect Nash, and I’ve always kinda liked him back when he could actually wrestle alright. But outside of Undertaker and Andre the Giant, just about all of my fav. wrestlers have always been smaller guys. I’d rather see someone who is a great wrestler/martial artist/athlete over someone who is just “big”.

    “Big guy” wrestlers are a dime a dozen.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Nash and Vince must get along real well. So sad how ignorant they are. I know what he’s trying to say, but his personal views are not that of the mass audience… not in 2013. Maybe in the ’80s, sure, but not now.

    Fans want to see exciting professional wrestling, not to oiled up ex-bodybuilders fake punching eachother. If you’re a big guy that can go, awesome, but sadly most guys that are 6’6″ and ripped just can’t move very well and can’t tell a story in the ring. Case in point: Kevin Nash. Huge, tough guy but looked terrible in the ring. Fans enjoyed the Diesel character, but they STILL idolize the smaller, more athletic, more entertaining SHAWN MICHAELS.

    Come on, Kev, just look at your best friend. Shawn will always be more over than Nash and Triple H. Hell, Sean Waltman put on better matches than more of those guys. I’d say Hall was the only one that had the look, the size, the mic skills and could go in the ring. So sad what drugs and alcohol did to him and his career.