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Kevin Nash Teases RAW Appearance, Kelly Responds to Fans, The Miz, More

– The Miz promised on Twitter today that “the mayhem will continue” on tonight’s RAW from San Diego.

– After Kelly Kelly kissing her new boyfriend NHL star Sheldon Souray at SummerSlam became a hot topic online today, Kelly responded to fans on Twitter: “Noted that everytime I have family or friends at any event I always acknowledge them.”

– Freedom Pro Wrestling announced on Friday that Kevin Nash was pulled from an appearance for them because he was dealing with a neck injury. This was likely a cover-up to keep his SummerSlam return a secret.

– Speaking of Nash, he wrote the following on Twitter about tonight’s RAW:

“Rumor has it a tall, dark haired dude is going to be on Raw tonight. You better watch. He has a tendency to disappear for months.”

  • Edo. Risk

    Nash been saying for months he wants to fued with Show…

  • Ronni

    He also has a tendancy for being prone to injuries

  • jimbobjoe

    ** former NHL star sheldon souray

  • adam

    I dont know if he would need a walker if he is able to jacknive punk and punk is pretty heavy not calling him fat but he isnt a small guy i am willing to bet he is in pretty good shape.

  • Houndy

    Well at least Nash doesn’t need a walker (yet). I can see it now…he and UT staggering down to the ring with their pacemakers and oxygen tanks. First match in WWE history to have four quarters like a football game so the trainers can administer IVs and defibrillator zaps to these relics.

    Either the talent in the back need a swift kick to the nuts or creative is smoking from the same bowl Mike Chioda was.

  • beefcake

    Big show fued coming, im calling it…u all saw the rumble confrontation

  • Wellsy

    So he he gonna be Kevin Nash or Diesel then?


    @cardiff wanderer what makes you thing theres a video paclage tonite

  • Cardiff Wanderer

    Another video package for a returning star tonight on Raw.

    No idea who mind although you have to think typical guests, Jericho, Batista etc

  • Seth

    old vs old, but I’d still watch that match

  • breezy

    undertaker vs diesel