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Kevin Nash Thanks Triple H, News from the WWE TLC Main Event, Road Dogg

– WWE’s website has a new article up with Road Dogg BG James talking about WWE’s Troops Tribute. The article confirms that James is back with WWE, working with the younger talents to help groom the next generation of Superstars. Road Dogg said that he still has something to offer the wrestling industry.

– There were a lot of people backstage last night at TLC who were happy with the way the Triple Threat main event went. The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk were all OK after the match, just banged up.

– According to a source close to Kevin Nash, in his mind his match with Triple H at TLC was his retirement match. WWE could always decide to bring him back for another feud but Nash is under the impression that’s it. He wrote on Twitter last night:

“Thanks Paul,nice to end it with someone I love.”

Partial source:

  • wow.. thats it??? i was waittin for a run in by any1.. and hlp Nash win.. smh.. typical HHH match.. he has to win… smh.. ridiculous!

  • peep this

    You know I dont get this company. They at times can come up with what looks like a great angle of a story line, even with a older guy like nash. Then out of no where just fuck it nine ways to side ways. And were left to say ah ok, that was lame. What the hell is going on with these clowns at the corporate level. 2+2 aint clearly 4 if you do the math.

  • ice cream bar SUPERstar

    Smart booking, making sure he puts over his buddy instead of someone who actually needs it.

  • Prince

    Seeing as it says on WWE’s website that Nash is out at least 6 weeks, I’m pretty sure he’s coming back in the Rumble match. Which is, what a coincidence, 6 weeks from now. I doubt they’d even mention him if he wasn’t coming back.

  • nooo

    WWE dropped the ball with Nash. Hhh punk Nash was awesome then hhh beats them both …. Was enjoying Nash anothrr let down thanks WWE. Road dogg rules.

  • Bill

    I’m pretty upset that none of the Summerslam stuff(Nash, Laurinitis, Stephanie McMahon, etc.) was never really explained. It seems they dropped some of it. Oh well. Big Daddy Cool rides forever!

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @BlaH—–I told you already Beefcake never had a sexual relationship with HH, He had it with Freakyzilla.

  • JIR

    As weak as the overall storyline was their match last night was better than expected overall

  • RAMSES 2


  • D2K

    @BlaH: Don’t forget hat he was billed from San Francisco.

  • Mojojojo

    Nash was brought in for one lame storyline and that was it…wtf?

  • BlaH

    Brutus Beefcake recently spoke about his shock over Linda Hogan saying he and the Hulkster had a homosexual relationship. This, coming from a guy named Beefcake, who wore spandex/mesh pants and put dudes to sleep so he could cut their hair. Then he moved to Atlanta and changed his name to The Booty Man. Those allegations are preposterous. (Wrestle Zone)

  • KGM Da Master

    WWE is turning into a circus! Road Dogg is teaching talent and CM Punk is still champion. The WWE will be bankrupt by 2020. Peace

  • the dude

    I’m very confident in the future of wwe if guys like road dogg are the ones grooming the next gen

  • Splash

    The three main eventers are likely half as sore as Ricardo is today.

  • He’s going after Taker, The match has been made for Mania’ 28

  • Whatever

    tiple = triple, maybe they will work now to a storyline with a new gm or something?

  • Whatever

    so nash is gone now?
    mmm, curious what will happen now with tiple h…