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Kevin Nash Wants In WWE Royal Rumble… and The Undertaker at WrestleMania

– Following his recent departure from TNA, Kevin Nash posted the following on his Twitter page:

“Vince let me in the Rumble if I win i get taker at mania.If I lose I’ll join the kiss your ass club the next raw…………….DEAL?”

Nash left TNA after both parties failed to agree on terms for a new contract.

  • Mario

    Other than Sheamus,I Can’t think of anyone that other than Nash that can Reasonably Handle The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28.Mark Henry maybe?

  • Gordo

    I would rather see Nash vs Kane at Wrestlemania!

  • Zach V

    Everytime nash goes to a wwe show vince says he wants nash back so ya it wouldnt suprise me if nash came back for 1 more run

  • Tim

    The Undertaker and Kevin Nash at Wrestlemania, nah dnt think so, although it wud b a good match

  • jay

    Considering nash and vince are good friends it wouldnt surprise me to see nash show up in wwe in some kinda of way

  • xTheXRZAx187

    The tna is for losers and wwe is for winners. tna is for fags

  • Jason

    The wwe is for losers and tna is for winners. Wwe is for kids

  • skitzo

    I would love to see Nash and Hall both in the Royal Rumble. But I don’t think that even the Undertaker could bring a quality match out of Nash at this point. I have always been a huge fan of Nash, but I don’t see it happening.

  • Ronald

    That would be awesome if Nash and Hall (as Razor) made an appearance at a future Royal Rumble. Very iconic in WWE and wrestling in general.

  • No Way Nash

    Well, aren’t you pathetic Nash. Let him keep begging Vince and then turn him down. Go back to TNA where all the losers go. get a life Jarrett.

  • !?

    OK obviously Nash is joking here, his sarcasm is eminating just from reading the words. I DO wish however, that he considers commentary in WWE. Nash is gold when it comes to talking and he would make a great and fresh replacement for Jerry Lawler because Lawler sucks on commentary.

  • keylo

    Still making demands you old has been Nash and kiss ur ass club went out with pg14

  • He could have been back in WWE, but they want him to dye his hair and he refused. Just dye the hair, man.