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Kevin Steen & Colt Cabana Takes Shots At Melina’s Reported Booking Fee

It was reported earlier today that a promoter who reached out to former WWE talent Melina Perez to book her for an independent wrestling event was informed by her representative that she is asking for $3,000 per appearance, as well as first class travel and hotel accommodations. Reigning PWG World Champion Kevin Steen, who has competed on the independent circuit for over ten years, made fun of the former WWE Diva’s reported asking fee.

He wrote on Twitter, “$3000 plus first class air and hotel?! Fuck…I’ve been charging way too little…”

A Twitter user then asked Steen, “Is there any real evidence that claim is accurate?” He responded, “Who cares?! I want to make fun of it. So it’s true.”

Ring of Honor talent Colt Cabana also lampooned Melina’s reported demands, writing to Steen on Twitter: “My wrestling fee has now gone from 2 diet cokes and a cupcake to 3 bajillionfajillion dollars… Pay up promoters!”

Steen then wrote a message predicting that John Morrison will follow Melina’s lead out of WWE and work indy shows alongside her. He wrote to Cabana: “I think that once her boyfriend gets released, promoters can save on (transportation) and book both of them. She’ll just ride with him.”

Anarchy Championship Wrestling promoter Darin Childs also gave his take on the matter, writing on the microblogging website, “As a promoter I should never do things like this, buuuut can we all LOL together at Melina’s appearance demands?”

Meanwhile, Melina garnered numerous messages today on her Twitter account regarding the claim and privately indicated to some users that it is untrue.

  • venom

    I am expecting Morrison and Melina to be in TNA by the end of the year.

  • Wateva

    umm like i said HATERS,. well maybe they dont charge that much cuz most ppl dont even know who they are.. And if morrison gets released too then good for him there not even doing nothing good with him,.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    @poko Totally agree, i hate twitter so much.

  • poko

    Twitter has turned some wrestling fans, and even some wrestlers, into rumor-mongering Soap Opera fans who like to gossip about the personal lives of performers. Or maybe they always were, only now it’s out in the open.

  • Matt

    I could absolutely see Cabana wrestling for 2 diet Cokes and a cupcake. BTW Steen is a god.

  • ##

    If I were Melina who cares what these to chumps say because she’s probably made more money in 1 year than these 2 combined in 5 years. Not defending Melina and I love seeing Colt and Steen wrestle buy com’on these 2 did’nt have to stick there noses in her business.

  • Bawb


    Ya, I meant why isn’t he signed yet after the whole CM Punk “takeover” going down. I hope he didn’t lose the “CM Bump” because I’d love to see him already.

  • shawn

    i knew the asking price would look ridiculous to some promoters. i also knew she wouldnt get enough work as she would like. i wouldnt think appearances are consistant so i understand why she would ask that. she got bills and some payments.

  • Devil_Rising

    @Bawb He WAS in WWE. They just fired him after about five minutes. Poor guy.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Morrison would be a completely whipped dog if Melina gets him to follow… He needs to cut the dead weight holding him down.

  • Jimbo

    LOL again @ Melina white knights from the previous article.

  • Joe2

    Marking out for Colt Cabana!!!

  • Bawb

    Cabana’s hilarious. Why isn’t he in WWE yet cutting ridiculous promos?