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Kevin Steen Says Watching TNA Has Made Him Physically Nauseous

Former Ring of Honor wrestler Kevin Steen spoke to Power Slam about his future without ROH, whether he’s received any interest from WWE or TNA, his longtime feud with El Generico, TNA’s television product, and more.

Regarding interest from the two major promotions, Steen says WWE has never shown any interest in his services while he heard that TNA might have been interested in using him a few years ago but was never contacted. He questions why WWE would be interested in him when he’s the complete opposite of what they look for in a wrestler, noting that he doesn’t look like the typical athlete.

The interviewer then says it’s hard for him to imagine TNA doing much with Steen on the chance he was hired. He feels the former ROH star would likely be ‘just another mid-card guy, lost in the weekly blur of multi-man segments and short matches.’

Steen responds, “This won’t look good now that I’m a free agent and I’m looking to make a living off wrestling…

“I’ve watched episodes of TNA iMPACT! and TNA pay-per-views. This is not a knock on the wrestlers because the wrestlers are the only thing that make [TNA] watchable, guys like The Young Bucks and The [Motor City] Machine Guns and Samoa Joe and AJ Styles and others. But I would watch an episode, and I would have to pause it because my head was spinning and I felt a little nauseous just from seeing so many things happening, one after another. The matches have so little time, so they would have to do so much stuff in, like, three minutes.

“I’ve literally gotten physically nauseous from watching TNA.”

  • Justin

    He’s right though. Their camera swing from the top is wholly unnecessary. It’s wrestling not a fucking rollercoaster.

  • punisher9104

    Kevin Steen got it spot on TNA need to make some changes

  • Treg

    And this is from a guy likes lick his own opponents blood.

  • Adam

    @scooter I’ve seen Truthslayer’s videos and he’s actually been very fair. He’s said good and bad things on ROH. Truthslayer is one of the smartest wrestling fans out there. I’ve also seen his “Open Letter to TNA” and he’s mentioned a lot of things TNA has dropped the ball on including Monty Brown. He’s also mentioned some helpful suggestions.

  • Snark Mark

    @ DAVIS: I agree that in the last couple of years Steen’s character has crossed the line from being edgy to being obscene. But he is tremendously talented. There is a reason the ring name Mr. Wrestling stuck for all those years.

    My concern now is for the guys I’ve watched for years on the indy scene hoping that they would make it big might not. Guys like Steen, Austin Aries, Scorpio Sky, Nigel McGuiness, and Davey Richards. Guys who have the talent and the character to have Wrestlemania moments might have to find new lines of work to support themselves.

  • CC

    I have seen Steen several times in the UK, and he is a great performer. I can fully see though why WWE would not be interested in him, and its good to see that Steen understands it as well.
    ROH, is a very different prospect to TNA and WWE. ROH is a wrestling show first and foremost, whereas TNA (despite their claims otherwise) and WWE are all about entertainment on top of wrestling.
    If you want to watch great wrestling and nothing else, then ROH is the thing for you, but if you want the whole experience, then its TNA or WWE.
    To insult ROH is ignorance of pure wrestling. I personally get bored with their shows as well, but I would never insult it as their in ring work pisses all over TNA and WWE.

  • hey yo!

    YUP, WWE is PG but TNA is PU

  • as much as TNA sucks Truthslayer is the biggest ROH fanboy on the planet take anything he says with a grain of salt

  • Adam

    Kevin Steen FTW! TNA makes my head explode.

  • TSlay1974

    @DAVIS And I feel the same way when TNA fanboys like you can’t accept the truth that your product sucks. Kevin Steen is Mr. Wresting. He’s the real truth, and he was telling the truth. TNA is bloated with fresh talent, but they have a damn clue on what to do with so many of them and have dropped the ball on so many promising wrestlers especially Samoa Joe. Watch my YouTube video “An Open Letter to TNA: The Final TNA Rant”. I’ve pretty much said it all in that video.

  • As much as TNA are pretty aweful (at least right now) I’d still say kevin steen would be great in TNA I mean made ROH interesting for the first time in years! of course promo skills are a no no at vanillafest ’11 so he got released

  • Vinny

    LOL thats too funny

  • Ronald

    And I thought I was the only one. Now I’m TNA free and loving it!

  • Andrew

    Kevin Steen for the win! lmao