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Khali Helps His New Tag Partner, Hart and DiBiase Host WWE Events, More

– Debbie sent word that for the week ending May 15th, 2011, WWE’s WrestleMania 27 DVD was the 9th ranked title on Rentrak’s Top 10 Selling DVD survey.

– Jimmy Hart opened WWE’s live event in Sioux City, Iowa this weekend and was interrupted by Jack Swagger, which led to Swagger vs. Chris Masters, with Masters picking up the win.

– Ted DiBiase Sr. hosted the WWE live event in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend and held a “Million Dollar Challenge” with four fans, which ended up being a dance contest, where one fan got to go meet WWE stars backstage.

– Jinder Mahal is on the road with WWE’s SmackDown brand this weekend. He competed in a battle royal at the Madison show and later defeated Trent Baretta in singles action, with a little help from his new partner The Great Khali.

  • venom

    It looks like Mahal is going to be pushed as a singles star. Khali will probably stay in his corner because he can’t wrestle.

  • Boomer

    Also at that show one of the Bella twins had a wardrobe malfunction and her boob came out.

  • Boomer

    If you are going to report something get it right. The show in “Sewer City, IA” was in Sioux Falls, SD. I am pretty sure about that since I was there.