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Kharma Addresses WWE Departure, Is She Interested In Returning To TNA?

Kharma aka Amazing Kong — real name Kia Stevens — breaks her silence on her WWE release for the very first time speaking exclusively to Diva Dirt about her release, her time in WWE, her brief but boundary breaking run there, and much more.

Kharma talks about joining the company which she describes as her dream job, what it was like breaking the mold for Divas, being given a huge platform for her debut, leaving after just one month, competing in the Royal Rumble match, and her departure.

The former Knockouts Champion also discusses her journey to lose weight, pitching a reality series, her return to wrestling at SHINE 5, the current women’s wrestling scene and whether she’s had talks with TNA about returning.

The full interview is available here.


On being offered a job by WWE in December 2010: “I did not see it coming. I was actually about 14 days away from announcing my retirement in wrestling. I got a call. I’ll never forget, I was sick with a cold and I got a call from Tommy Dreamer and he asked if he could give my number to John Laurinaitis. And I said, ‘Um, yeah!’ Five minutes later I got a call from John Laurinaitis who spoke with me and offered me a position at WWE. I don’t think I closed my mouth for a good 20 days.”

On her WWE release: “Sometimes things aren’t moving along as quickly as they need to be, and some things weren’t progressing as quickly as they should have been. I think the release was actually a good idea and very appropriate. WWE, the world knows they don’t just hire anyone. If they hire you, they’re going to invest in you. They’re going to apply any and every resource they have for anything that you’re going through, so having said that, again, the timing just was there. My release was, in my opinion, appropriate.”

On whether she would return to TNA: “I do appreciate the opportunities I was given by TNA, Dixie Carter and Terry Taylor. I appreciate my time there, it was good… until it wasn’t. [Laughs] No [communication] whatsoever with them. I’m very grateful, they’re the ones that introduced me to the US market, but that time is gone.”

  • Tombstone

    @hf part two—0Your ignorance is showing again. She did not have the baby she in fact miscarried.

  • cc

    Yeah, while I agree that the timing on the pregnancy was terrible for her career wise, I think what really killed her push was the onscreen break down when she announced it. Had they not done that she could have easily just mysteriously vanished, leaving the other divas looking over their shoulders as to whether she might return any minute, then have her make a surprise return later and pick up her monster heel push.
    As it was, she came across as weak and it was always gonna be hard to push her as a monster heel again when she returned.

  • Devil_Rising

    Regardless, her pregnancy, that resulted (sadly) in miscarriage, was very ill-timed all around. She could have been huge. There’s no saying, seeing the way that WWE operates, that she would have been used RIGHT. But still, they were hyping her up big time, and then bam. Too bad.

  • Taylor1918

    I don’t think she’d see it that way.

  • hf part two


    Having that baby was the biggest error ever.

  • Albert

    hope she returns sometime next year! the interview with Diva Dirt was really good! listened to whole whole hour ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    For her to not want to return to TNA.I’d be welling 2 bet that she is still in communication with the WWE. I HOPE SHE RETURNS SOMEDAY!!!

  • Gary

    ^ Fail try at trolling, would hate to see one of the best monster female wrestlers in awhile…wish the wwe gimmick would of ran longer…

  • chuck norris

    “I donโ€™t think I closed my mouth for a good 20 days.โ€ so that’s how she got the job! took her 20 days….