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Kharma Loses Weight and Debuts a New Look, New Title for WWE’s 50th Year Anniversary DVD

– Former WWE Diva Kharma has lost weight and debuted a new look at last Friday’s SHINE 12 internet pay-per-view, where she defeated Mercedes Martinez. Here are two photos, courtesy of

Kharma 1

Kharma 2

– The new name for WWE’s upcoming History of WWE DVD and Blu-ray that comes out in November is, “The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment.”

  • Vic

    Wow she lost a substantial amount of weight. Good for her hope to see her back in the WWE soon

  • ssadasd

    I hope she keeps the course and winds up back in the WWE. I would like her to debut as a monster gimmick that she was, and transition slowly into a character with a personality. “Dominating, Forcive”, and “Total Woman” anti-diva. She could have endless potential not just in the divas division but working with men as well.

    Glad she has been recovering from the things she has been through.

  • Shawn Bronald

    I still hope she can return to WWE under the Kharma name and gimmick. I don’t think she has to be ginormous to pull it off. In fact, my guess is she lost the weight partially to get WWE’s attention so they’ll consider bringing her back. Some time in the next few months would be an ideal time to bring her back, with the Diva’s division suddenly getting some attention. It would be great for AJ to tear appart the Diva’s division and then say she has no opponent for Wrestlemania XXX. At the event, she can come out and brag about beating every single diva and how no one can match her ability. Cue Kharma’s music…. profit.

  • xXx

    good for her! hope she does well

  • Dominic Foley

    Damn she looks great..fair play to her! 🙂