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Kharma Reportedly Pregnant, Tyler Reks Holding Video Game Contest, Maria

— reports that Kharma is pregnant. According to, it is believed that she will be out “for over nine months.”

The former TNA Women’s Knockout Champion was scripted to break down into tears on Monday’s Raw, which the announcers described as a nervous breakdown. The angle was done to remove her from television for the time being.

— Tyler Reks is holding a contest in which one winner will received a autographed 8×10 and the opportunity to test his or her skills online with the Raw Superstar in a game of Halo Reach.

He detailed the contest on his Twitter account: “GET PWND! Take a pic of you and your home made T-Reks paraphernalia and send it to! We’ll pick the top 3. Winner gets an online gaming session with T-Reks at Halo Reach & an autographed 8×10. Runners up get autographed 8×10’s. Contest ends next Monday 5/30/11.”

— On August 6th and 7th, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis appears Glamourcon at the Crowne Plaza O’Hare 5440 North River Road Rosemont, Illinois. Visit for more information.

  • John Cheesa

    I’m sorry Chryogenos…didn’t quite understand you there. Could you repeat that in coherent English?

  • Chryogenos

    Bcvs, It’s not of your assunt to know who fucked with her, thats her life!

  • muh boy

    tna was right to get rid of her then hahaha

  • king

    if she was preggo why would it be only 9 months?? doesn’t make any sense. Takes 6 weeks to heal after having a child… then wouldn’t she have to take care of it?

    charlie haas’s wife took like a year and some change away fromt he ring after having her first kid.

  • JIR

    everyone needs to stop this crap big girls need love too if she is pregnant congrats timing sucks but that is life when she and if she comes back Kharma will push the Divas to train and wrestle in the ring

  • Myers

    she won’t be fired for being preggers, she will be fired because “We didn’t see the character going anywhere”

  • Paul

    John Cena is the man

  • Bcvs

    You’ve got to be kidding me!
    1.Who in the world could possibly have fcuked her? Snoop Dogg? Vince McMohan?
    2.Why didn’t she go for abortion?
    3.Why do this after the build-up?

  • Damn now i have no reason to watch Raw.

  • Notingham

    Can you fire “independent contractors” =) WWE Would be dumb to let her go though. Bad press

  • Hunter

    I thought it was illegal to fire a woman for being pregnant……

  • Myers

    Smart choice Kharma, going to be hard to raise a kid without a job. Dumb bitch.

  • CC

    If she is pregnant, its not the most sensible timing career wise for her, and she would have nobody to blame but herself if she was let go.
    You dont join a company like WWE then go and get pregnant as soon as you debut on tv.

  • nick

    If true kharma will be future endevored very soon

  • happyday

    well raw is retarted now, instead of seeing kharma kill biaatches, we get to see twigs wrestle…well “try” to wrestle…sad. oh luck to kharma with her kid if this is true statement.

  • Hunter

    ”GET PWND”- Thats what creative label the story of your career.