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Kharma Reportedly Sidelined For The Remainder Of The Year

Midway through last night’s Eight-Diva Tag Team Match on Raw, Kharma’s entrance music echoed, freezing her fellow Divas. As she slid into the ring, her eight fellow Divas lined up on the opposite side of the canvas. Kharma unexpectedly dropped to her knees and began crying. reports that the angle was scripted to write her off television for the time being. She is expected to be sidelined for over nine months.

The reason for her removal from television has not been disclosed.

  • mark

    this is a damn shame lol

  • Teran

    Well on the bright side at least I can go for a piss break and grab more beer and snacks again when the divas are wrestling

  • Hunter

    Stupid way to write her out- should have beaten the crap out of all the divas then got banned by the GM. Vader style!!!!

  • Sammo

    Bad news if it’s true.

    This is the first time that anyone in the divas division has been even remotely watchable for years.

  • Devil_Rising

    You people do realize this is just a rumor and in no way confirmed yet….right? You DO realize just how often the “news” on these types of sites is completely WRONG…….right? Just checking.

  • nick

    uhhhhh soooo the divas division will continue to suck?

  • LVW

    @Paul- The father is Awesome Kong, of course.

  • LVW

    @venom- I think it was going to be a King Kong/Fay Wray type of relationship storyline.

  • Jeff

    LMAO!!!!!! Hornswaggle? the daddy LOL!!!

  • peep it

    Its simple people.

    Kharma’s a bitch ! lol


    just when the dias division was getting interesting.

  • venom


    Did you mean sources or JR’s bbq sauce?

  • diddy

    thats a joke by the way i have no sauces in WWE

  • diddy

    WWE is probably sending her to weightwatchers and are giving her 9 months to lose weight and look smart and sexy and she was crying because all the diva’s were calling her Mark Henry backstage so my sauce in WWE says

  • mikecrazy

    I hope she is pregnant. It kind of seems like they are getting rid of her because there is no competition for her in WWE. Remember how the divas were saying that Kharma was being to tough on them. if WWE gets rid of her I’ll stop watching WWE again. Also i just wanted to say that del rio is being treated like mvp was back in the day.

  • rko

    good riddance.

  • Johnny

    Okay, the general consensus is that she’s pregnant, makes perfect sense for the timeframe that was given for her return. Also, considering that this is happening before her first match, I don’t see good things in the future for her. TNA superstars haven’t had the best luck in the WWE in general, and with this coming up when the diva’s are in such need for fresh (and I can’t stress this next word enough) TALENT, I see her either getting released within the next few months, or being buried in reprisal upon her return. (Enforcer role, perhaps?)

  • David

    Unless she’s been pregnant

  • David

    Even if she were pregnant she wouldn’t be able to come back and wreslte for another month or two after her baby was born.

  • Jim Cornette’s Tennis Raquet

    Good. The whole thing was BS any
    way. You can’t catch Chyna in a bottle twice…regardless of your kharma.

  • venom


    lol. She didn’t even get to wrestle this year. All she did was that implant buster. I guess we can all look foward to her in 2012. I wonder what kind of storyline they were planning with her and Kelly Kelly.

  • adam tarasievich

    I think she is prolly prego because what injury is only nine months either its like a year or 2 months 9 months is a ood time for a injury. Also congrats if she is. It kinda stinks because i thought her and gail kim could save the divas division. Because those matches they had in tna were great gail was really the only knockout/diva who could hang with awesome knog or kharma despite the size difference.

  • In Grind We Crust

    life = in ruins

  • Evan Storm

    @venom Dawn Marie was fired from WWE when she got pregnant. Which lead her to filing a lawsuit against the company for wrongful termination.

  • Gary

    so venom your making a fat joke? about a women who would whip your ass at that lol sucks for losing her push but congrats “if” she is prego….

  • venom

    I hope WWE doesn’t release her while she is gone. I can’t think when the last time a diva took time off to have a kid. Isn’t she large enough? lol.

  • kannon

    She should be back before Mania so we good.

  • Center

    That’s a long time. Talk about a push that stalled in it’s tracks.

  • Dan Roberts

    Seriously? After all the build up for her and then sideline her after 2-3 weeks?
    Though, over 9 months? does sound like someone’s Preggers~

  • Frank Booth

    dammit…she told me she was on the pill!!

  • kannon

    What I’m pissed about is what was up with the Big Show story line? That was just lame.

  • jason

    sounds good to me.

  • Paul

    Wonder who the Dad is? Mark Henry? Great Kahli? Hornswaggle? Hahaha

  • kannon

    Sounds like she is pregnant. She missed the PPV too. If she is then this is NOT WWE’s FAULT!

  • bloodstone

    DAMN IT the rubber broke

  • WHAT THE FUCK! SERIOUSLY! This better just be a rumor or apart of a storyline. What as the purpose of having her come to WWE so soon if they didn’t have anything for give her yet.

  • kannon

    9 months or so? Someone is having a baby.