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More on Kharma Returning for the Divas Title, Jericho Expected to Return to WWE

– If Chris Jericho does actually leave WWE to tour with Fozzy this summer, it’s expected that he will return to wrestle full-time once the tour with his band is over.

– As noted before, Beth Phoenix did the injury angle on RAW and lost the Divas Title to Nikki Bella to set up Kharma’s return to TV.

WWE officials have wanted to bring Kharma back and make her a monster champion from the start but felt that Kharma vs. Phoenix is the money match and should be saved for down the line. No word yet on when WWE plans on holding the Kharma vs. Phoenix match.

One plan had Kharma squashing Nikki for the Divas Title at either Extreme Rules or on RAW the following night. If Nikki doesn’t drop the title this coming Sunday or Monday, it’s a sign that she and sister Brie have signed contract extensions with the company.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • sam

    i dont think they should do an injury angle as he always say how he’s never had an injury

  • D2K

    I think her performance at the Royal Rumble helped to re-established her as a monster heel to be reckoned with. I’m not sure what type of suplex she gave Dolph Ziggler but it was mighty impressive to hold him up in the air that long.

  • RPM

    problem is the way they handled her on debut made her out to be some kind of psycho face instead of a monster heel so I’m not sure how they will handle it this time.

    Aslong as she gets tv time and doesn’t get buried I’m happy.

  • PinkSinCara

    Kharma needs to be champ for a solid year. But knowing WWE they’ll rush everything and she’ll be stale and irrelevant by Summerslam

  • Stevie P

    @shawn They can ignore that rule if they want to. They did it with Hogan after WM 9 when he didn’t wrestle for 4 months.

  • shawn

    @ Bigelow for over a month Jericho would have to relinquish the title if he doesn’t wrestle for any reason besides leaving or no-showing. storyline wise.

  • D2K

    I say let Kharma keep the title at least until SummerSlam. If I had my way I would created a storyline to build up to Wrestlemania 29 and have Phoenix win the title there. Maybe the can have a bunch of matches in which Kharma and Beth Phoenix have confrontations, but never an actual one-on-one match until mania. Similar to Hogan/Andre was built.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Jericho should leave with the title like Punk should have last year.

  • Ant

    i think kharma will come back at extreme rules cuz thats where she made her debut last year

  • Prince

    Everyone doubted it all along, but Y2J is here to stay. Maybe just an injury angle or something to take him out for a month or so. Then he’s back again.

  • caNjura

    I hope the Bella Twins come back, can never have enough twin fantasies when they’re on tv. 😉

  • please come back as the sexy beast Y2J.