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Kharma Says She’s Returning To WWE Soon, Latest Episode Of WWE Inbox

— WWE has yet to follow up on Kharma’s appearance last month at the Royal Rumble because she has not fully recovered from giving birth on December 31, 2011 and isn’t ready to work a full-time schedule. Nonetheless, her return to the squared circle is on the horizon.

When asked on Twitter this week what she was doing, she replied, “Working hard to come back at my best.” She was then asked when she would be returning to WWE and said “Soon.”

— Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Hornswoggle, Tyler Reks, Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu field questions in the latest episode of WWE Inbox.


— Former WWE stars John Morrison, Melina and Maria have been announced to appear at the Motor City Comic Con taking place May 18-20 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan.

  • Jason L

    Well now I know of someone that will be there. Seeing Morrison will be cool but better keep my distance from Melina. I’m disease free and wanna stay that way. LOL

  • @LSC


    And How can vince still be alive

  • Buttercastle

    “Kharma’s appearance last month at the Royal Rumble because she has not fully recovered from giving birth”

    What better way to recover from giving birth than entering a match with 29 other people then being violently thrown over the top rope!

  • Ray

    kharma will have a good 12 when she comes back.

  • StocktonJoe

    — Little Jimmy — The problem is that some of the posters here confuse Women’s Wrestling with Soft Core Porn. This may be because they’re too young to watch the real thing. The WWE and TNA and some of the other bigger promotions have pimped out the Women’s division to sell tickets.

  • Little Jimmy

    Kharma’s a big lady, But so what she’s one of few “Real” Divas on the roster and in the ring she nails it. Kharma, Beth & Natalya are the best Divas in WWE and not artificial Reality TV types.

  • StocktonJoe

    I agree with WWE4LIFE. As I commented on another story on this board, I want to see Kharma come back and form a “Legion of Pain” axis with Beth and Natalya then kick the snot out of the Bellaa and Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly and the rest of the barbie-dolls.

  • kirby4321

    Come Back Soon…

    Beth Phoenix vs Kharma I Quit Match (For the Divas Champion)

    Would be better if it was for the Women’s! Diva’s on Beth and Kharma does not go for them…

  • Droonaties


    What Dude?! Is this the first time you have ever heard of “Squared Circle”? You ever watch wrestling before? Bagging on Dude for his reporting skills for calling it what it is, seems kinda D-Baggy

  • Simon07

    I hope you’re joking LSC!

    But if you’re not its because they ‘wrestle’ in a ‘ring’ which is a circle but it is square making it a squared circle…

  • the_electrifying_one


    that aint bad reporting its historically a correct term back from early boxing in the 19th century when the fighters were surrounded by a circle (or ring) of spectators. It wasnt until the sport became more formal that the stage area that we know of today became called a ring and also became squared off. Hence why it is sometimes known as the squared circle.

  • LSC

    “Nonetheless, her return to the squared circle is on the horizon”


  • Dave

    Nattie Neidhart vs Beth Phoenix WM28.
    And give them at least 10 minutes. And no farting jokes.

  • Kharma vs Bella Twins vs Beth Phionix vs Eve WM28