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Kharma Says Wrestler’s Claim To Being Her Baby’s Father Is ‘Completely False’

WWE talent Kia Stevens (a/k/a Kharma) has issued a statement denying Byron Wilcott’s claim that he is the father of her child.

Wilcott, a former WWE developmental talent, posted a message on his Facebook account earlier this week claiming to be the baby’s father. Stevens’s legal representation issued a statement today denoting the claim as “completely false.”

The statement reads: “Mr. Byron Wilcott is not the father of Ms. Stevens’s baby. The post on Mr. Wilcott’s Facebook page is completely false and we do not know why he would publish such a fantastical falsehood. We have contacted Mr. Wilcott through his Facebook page and have requested him to publish a retraction.”

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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