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Kharma’s Profile Removed From WWE Main Roster, Added To Alumni List

Amidst rumors that WWE have parted ways with Kharma after their official Twitter feed moved her profile to its list of Alumni on Thursday, her profile has been removed from the company website’s list of Raw Superstars. It now resides in the Alumni section among other former WWE performers.

WWE has not issued a message stating that she has been released.

The accomplished grappler addressed rumors of her WWE demise via Twitter, writing Thursday, “Getting a flood of dm’s. I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Yes. I have been officially promoted to the alumni section of the WWE roster.”

Ryan Satin of then said she was let go by the sports entertainment organization on Thursday, writing on Twitter, “A source close to Kharma tells me the rumors are true and she was indeed released from WWE today. Dumbest WWE release in SOOO LONG!!!”

Kharma, whose real name is Kia Michelle Stevens, signed a contract with WWE in December of 2010 and made her debut on May 1, 2011 at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view as she decimated Michelle McCool. Weeks later, Kharma spoke for the first time on television to reveal she was pregnant and thus forced to take a leave of absence from the organization. Stevens made a surprise return in January as the twenty-first entrant in the Royal Rumble Match and subsequently announced to that she had given birth to a baby boy named Jamie on December 31, 2011. She then admitted in March that the child died before she could give birth and had lied due to her emotional state at the time.

  • Danny

    it will be because she will be having more time off and she isnt currently active on the roster… also to make her return more of a surprise… i mean the rock is on both the “superstars” list and the “alumni” list… total minfu7k xD…

  • Pat

    i think what it was is that they got pissed at her last year for getting prego like shortly after coming on tv, and they were going to build her up and whatnot, then she gets prego and it derails all their plans, but why say that they are going to put her in a thing with beth soon and then let her go, stupid wwe, bad enough we hardly get to see any other diva’s other then aj and layla have not seen beth on either smackdown or raw in a good while

  • Allen

    If it comes out WWE fired her…I say we protest!

  • Stockton Joe

    Always bet on Stupid.

    I have no doubt but that the “office line” will be “Creative had nothing for Ms. Stevens at this time, and we felt it only fair to her to allow her to persue other offers. We wish Ms. Stevens well in her future endevours.” It may even be true that “Creative” had nothing for Kharma at this time. That speaks to the pitiful state of WWE “creative” (which I keep saying ISN’T – WWE Creative is to Creativity as Military Music is to Music). As I said at the beginning of this post – Always Bet on STUPID.

  • Shawn O B

    i hope she left willingly. if not then they hired a freakin wrestler and released her after not giving her any matches!

  • Whatever

    O come on, this can’t be true right?
    It would be very dumb and stupid if she is released by the wwe.
    I hope that the rumors aren’t true…

  • wf3458

    And this release surprise you guys. Remember Dawn Marie when she got pregnant, that right Vince fired her before giving birth. And yet WWE is “family friendly” what a joke and hope Kharma follow suit in filing a lawsuit.

  • yofits

    She wasn’t fired because she was fat,
    she was fired because she’s black & Vince is a racist.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    How the heck is she mentally ill?

  • Matt

    She is a mentally ill woman.

  • Stevie P

    Wow, I guess the rumor of a goof was wrong. I hope this wasn’t WWE’s doing and more of her personal decision.

  • SYM

    How many times has this been stated on this site?