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More on Kharma’s WWE Departure, FCW Name Changes, Kelly’s Status, Harley Race

– WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race was backstage for RAW 1000 but not used.

– Derek Foore, the 2010 NAIA national wrestling champion at 197 lbs from Notre Dame, is now using the ring name Chad Baxter in WWE developmental. Foore has a resemblance to a young Kurt Angle and was signed by Gerald Brisco. Marcus Anthony, a large bodybuilder type from OVW, is using the name Lincoln Broderick.

– We noted before that Kelly Kelly was set to be brought back for RAW 1000 but did not appear on TV. As of this past weekend, she had not informed WWE of a time when she was going to come back or any future plans asking for more time off. Some people in the company even thought this would be her return full-time but that was never the plan.

– Word on Kharma’s WWE departure is that she had been in Florida training for her return to action but got the knock for being out of shape, hard to work with and stubborn about suggestions of how they wanted to change her character. She had been losing weight since we last saw her.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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    Sucks to hear that about Kharma though. If she’s hard to work with, then I guess they’re better off without her. Her entrance theme was pretty badass though.

  • No Name Required

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  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    So Kharma got released because she’s not an anorexic model?

    That’s not like WWE at all /sarcasm

  • Matt

    The woman is nuts. I’ve been around her and it’s well known that she is psychotic. I mean she literally doesn’t have a clear view of right and wrong. I knew it would never work with her in WWE.

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  • Eve’s left nipple

    Would Kharma have been able to do anything for the Diva’s division in its current state? No. Maybe its best for her career as a performer she wasn’t brought back because with the current crop of Diva’s all she would have done is buried them and maybe pull off a few good matches with 2-3 out of the entire division. Could you really imagine Kharma holding that god awful title?

  • Loopy420

    The more I hear about kharma the less I care

  • ant

    the more i hear about this kharma thing the more pissed off i get