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Kickboxing Background for NXT Diva, WWE Makes Kid Cover His Shirt?

– We received an e-mail from a fan who says WWE made his son cover his t-shirt up for last week’s Saturday Morning Slam match that was taped with Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins, airing this coming Saturday. Reader Kyle Bailey sent the following:

“We had really just sat down and started eating when one of the guys came over and said my 10 year old sons shirt wasn’t appropriate for a kids television show. My son rides dirtbikes in his spare time and his shirt said “SHUT UP AND RIDE.” I tried to argue with the guy but he handed us a Rey Mysterio t-shirt and said that they were filming a lot of crowd footage with kids tonight. We had him put on the Mysterio t-shirt but weren’t happy about the whole situation and how it was handled in front of the people we were sitting next to.”

– The official WWE NXT website has added a profile for 6-foot-1 Anya from Russia. The developmental Diva was signed earlier this year and it’s now revealed that she has a “decorated” background in kickboxing.

Diva-Dirt reports that Anya, a black belt in Taekwondo, won the Kickboxing World Championship in 2011. She placed second in 2006 and 2008. Anya is also a lawyer with a degree from the Voronezh Cooperative Institute in Voronezh, Russia.

  • Shawn O B

    parents who are watching the show on tv and see that are mature enough to think that kid has every right to wear that especially with the consent of the parent, and know WWE didnt put that out purposely as part of the show. therefore they wouldnt be upset with the company. big deal.

  • devontet

    it wont change until these kids become teens….. Im planning on going to Raw in January when they come to Houston and Im going to take my 7 year old sister and im going to make chant some derogatory shit during the event to show them that kids arent all PG

  • i will show up to one with an old pic of sunny in the bathtub or sable in the bikini that you can see her neden through.

    Then when they offer me a poster of brodus clay, i will draw a penis on it.


    I’m going to that show wearing the old stone cold shirt “whop Ass” and my nephew gonna wear the old dx jearsy “suck it”

  • rabid

    Dflo thats not the point.. the point is that noone should ever tell anyone what to wear.. i hear more offensive things from kids when i take mine to school… Granted if the shirt said “f*** you” or something to that effect it would be warrented … All they did was make a kid feel bad for dirtbiking

  • DFlo

    What the hell is this guy complaining for? He got a free t-shirt. Who complains when somebody gives them swag? I’d have my son wear objectionable things all the time to see how much free gear we could get.

  • rabid

    Seems like ” big brother” has completely taken over wwe

  • wildeye

    You know whats pathetic is that Shut Up and Ride could turn out to be looked as a sexual phrase which does look bad when in the audiance of a family related show. Saturday MOrning Slam is made for kids to watch and some parents may take offense that WWE shows stuff like that on tv and they look like a bad influence. It seems to be true that when they try to please everyone there is still something that everyone has to complain about. Stop watching if you dont like it cause you are just supporting by watching it.

  • Shawn O B

    really? no other kis show has the saying “shut up”? its not even swearing.

  • mark

    This is fucking pathetic!!!!!

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Yeah because a T-Shirt that says shut up and ride is worse than mocking a man with bells palsy.

  • Nick

    what next? no beer at a show? at least he got a free t shirt

  • Bawb


    I agree that there are rules which one must abide by, but I also disagree. What bothers me about WWE is that they are over-policing their product to the point where they are are trying to define PG when the reality of what kids say, do, and like is much more different. They’ve been limiting their creativity and dumbing down their product in the process. They also forget that it’s a show where people beat people up to achieve something. Do they not realize how at odds their policy and product are? They have no logical reason for doing what they’re doing these days.

  • Shawn

    When you go to a WWE event, you must abide by their rules. A shirt that reads, “SHUT UP”, isn’t appropriate for a children’s show. The “and Ride” part, obviously, can be taken a different way as well. I understand the guys frustration, but he’s an adult and should understand. If not, he should grow up a little.

  • Bawb

    Because kids never say shut up — are you fucking kidding me, WWE?