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- It is expected that the return of WWE’s King of the Ring will officially be announced for next week’s three-hour RAW from Philadelphia.

- The advertised dark match for tomorrow’s SmackDown taping from Jacksonville, Florida is Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger and Kane.

- As a way of thanking people for their support, Linda McMahon’s campaign is running local ads in the Northeast. There’s already talk that McMahon is looking to run in 2012 for the other Senate seat of Connecticut.

Partial Credit – PWInsider.com

  • erik

    @zack cena sucks ass in ring and is joke. vince mcmahon won’t let his right hand man go the kids will cry and won’t be able to eat cookies and milk lol. I mean cena is joke when it comes to rating yeah a 3.0 is good but even bret hart did better rating than cena at 3.9.

  • skitzo

    It wouldn’t matter if God himself showed up in TNA, they will NEVER be a major threat to WWE. They have all the right pieces to the puzzle, but the morons running that sinking ship don’t know how to put them together. It’s frustrating to even watch Impact because it always ends up leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I WANT them to do well, but they haven proven that they never will!

  • Zach

    LOL @ Cena to UFC.

    Would be cool if he actually was fired. Maybe go to TNA, spike the ratings(no pun intended), get WWE some competition again, and who knows maybe bring back better content.

  • yechiel {israel}

    barrett will be king of the ring and will get a rematch with orton. cena will go to ufc and face aldo on january first 2011 at resolution.{wishful thinking}

  • nobody

    Kinda late to run now. 2010 is just about over

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