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Kingston On Orton Yelling At Him During A Match, Whether He Would Turn Heel

Kofi Kingston appeared on Smacktalk Radio Live with James McDonald and Corey Callahan (audio available at Highlights from the interview are as follows:

The Survivor Series elimination match: “Obviously with myself, I’ve had a rivalry pretty much (at some point in the past) with everyone who is on my team right now…The Miz, he and I have gone back and forth and pretty much hating each other for the past month and a half, so it really brings an interesting dynamic because no one really knows where the Miz’s mind is at right now…I can’t say that I trust him…I’ve never known him to be a good guy so I need to have my eyes peeled for the Miz specifically and then everyone on my team, but hopefully we can put our differences aside and come together and win this match because none of us want to lose to anyone on Team Ziggler.”

Evan Bourne: “Yeah, Evan is doing alright, he has been doing some rehab for his ankle. For those who don’t know, he got into a pretty bad motorcycle accident and pretty much broke almost every bone in his foot…but he’s doing great and he has a real positive attitude…he’ll be back before we know it and doing what he does best and that’s fly around the ring and do all types of superhero/action figure-esque video game type moves…he should be back hopefully soon, not sure the exact timetable on it but yeah he’s doing great.”

Whether Kofi has ever wanted to turn on the WWE Universe and become a bad-guy: “To be honest, I’ve always been a guy who looks at everything with a pretty positive outlook. As far as going the other way, it really is up to the WWE Universe…As long as everyone is boom-clapping with me, I’ll stay with them because I appreciate the WWE Universe and I realize that without them there is no us, there is no me….I don’t want to say never, you never say never in the WWE…

“As far as me becoming a bad guy, the line is so blurred these days, not like back in the 80’s where you had Hulk Hogan come out and tell people to eat their vegetables and take their vitamins and he was a good guy, and then you had other guys come out and frown at the crowd and insult the crowd and automatically be bad guys….all of a sudden you had ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin do bad guy things and he was getting cheered where Bret Hart was doing everything right and all of a sudden he was getting booed. There is no clear-cut good-guy and bad-guy line these days, it really depends on the WWE Universe and how they start reacting to certain people. Specifically me, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

His match against Randy Orton in January 2010 where Randy was heard yelling ‘stupid’: “Everyone knows Randy kinda has an attitude, so that’s Randy being Randy. What everyone doesn’t remember is that we were in a heated rivalry so a lot of what you saw was him being his character and him kinda playing to that. I thought it was real funny when I started reading these things like ‘Randy Orton doesn’t like Kofi’, which I think is fine because it added to what we were doing at the time, it made people more interested in what we were doing…it is what it is….”

  • scooter

    Kofis okay on the mic but he smiles too much and he doesn’t look tough enough. Turn him heel or at least rework his character slightly before pushing him.

  • Little Jimmy

    Kofi Is one guy I would find a hard time coming to grips with as a face however, If I was the WWE i’d attempt turn him into one of the most hated heels by changing his Rating from a G to A NC-17(Diluted of Course) as Id love for him to be turned into a brutal fan hating, face hating, world hating Heel. If Done right, I think Kofi’s Long Term World Title chances would triple.

  • SYM

    Agree with Jack.

  • JAck45

    Kofi is boring. Shit on mic and boring to watch in the ring since he always F’n’ wins…
    It’s like WWE don’t know how to use him so they say: “Oh shit Kofi is not in a tag-team currently… better give him a IC or US title then”
    How many of them has he won?!
    Every time his on camera be it in a match or back stage, its a fast forward moment on my remote.

  • hf part two