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Knockout Says Her Contract With TNA Wrestling Has Expired

Jackie Moore stated Monday on Twitter that her contract with TNA Wrestling has expired and she expects to be removed from their roster page shortly.

Moore wrote, “I guess they will remove me from the roster page soon….contract is up.”

She forewarned her departure from the organization a day prior to Madusa, writing, “I’m getting no love from a certain company….Lol. I guess I’m a little too rough in the ring.”

Moore returned to TNA Wrestling last June alongside ODB under the guise of outsiders, with the duo promising to clean up the Knockouts division. In August, Moore and ODB abandoned their villainous antics in order to gain contracts with the promotion. After several weeks of working as babyfaces, they were signed to contracts by the new head of the Knockouts division, Karen Jarrett. Moore, however, was not used again. Via Twitter, she expressed her disappointment with being excluded from the 10-Knockouts Gauntlet Match on November 14.

  • marvin

    Is Karen Jarrett really over the women?
    If so that would explain Moore’s departure

    It’s been rumored, Jeff Jarrett had a one night stand with Jackie, which definitely would not fair well with a jealous wife
    being your boss

  • venom

    Chavo is probably still mad at Jackie for beating him for the cruiserweight title.

  • Bill

    Well, in all fairness, a diva version of The Outsiders sounds like garbage to me. What next, Kelly Kelly starting a WM streak?

  • Valo487

    I love how TNA makes it a storyline point about her coming back, then promptly doesn’t put her on tv after they gave her a contract in the storyline.

  • marcum

    Jackie is one of the only older talents from the WWE that is still amazing at what she does! Don’t let he go!!

  • ##

    Too bad Jackie is still good in the ring.