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Knockout Street Fight Announced For Impact, Tara Explains Why Wrestling Matters

— has announced a Knockout Street Fight for this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling as TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Mickie James will battle Winter.

Also announced for Thursday’s show is a Bound For Glory Series match featuring Scott Steiner against Bully Ray. Eric Bischoff will also call out Sting.

— Tara is featured in Impact Wrestling’s latest “Why Wrestling Matters” video. The former TNA Women’s Champion discusses what drives her passion and dedication for professional wrestling.

“It is baffling to me that wrestling has become a bad word. I don’t buy it,” Tara says. “What do we out there? We wrestle. That is the base of what we do and we take so much pride to be here. This is not just a job to me; I eat, sleep and breath wrestling.

“I bust my butt out there… torn ligament, torn ACL, broken nose, chipped teeth; strictly for entertaining.”


  • venom

    Let’s face it. When you see Punk or Del Rio go in the ring with the mic, and start talking. That is not wrestling. So I understand why it’s entertainment.

  • Devil_Rising

    I would rather see somebody who “can’t talk” on the mic any day, but can WRESTLE like a motherfucker, over some douchebag who has good interview skills, but can’t wrestle worth a shit. That’s why it’s called WRESTLING. That’s why people have watched it for decades. Yes, the “storylines” and drama draw people in and “make them care” about the wrestling, but it’s the MATCHES themselves that people really come to see. WWE has brainwashed people like “scooter” up there, into thinking you have to be this “total package” to “have what it takes” to be a “STAR” in the wrestling world, just because that’s what THEY say.

    Well guess what? Ricky Steamboat, Bob Backlund, Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio (he’s not very “good on the mic”), etc. etc. etc., there are a LOT of guys (and gals) who wouldn’t win an Oscar with their promos. But WHO CARES? They’re amazing IN THE RING, and IN THE RING is the only thing that should matter. Is it great to have a guy, like, say, Edge, who was great in the ring, AND had a “great character” and was “great on the mic”? Sure. He was damn entertaining all around. But to say someone NEEDS to be like that to get pushed as a top star, is ridiculous.

    Wrestling is all that matters to most wrestling fans, whether they say so or not. Listening to WWE constantly spout off about how you need to have “this this this and that, and don’t forget that ‘X factor'”, to make it as a star, and actually buy it, is stupid.

  • CC

    You misunderstand me Scooter. When I say that its what you do in the ring that matters, I am pointing out that all this talking TNA is doing is bullshit. And that its what they do in the ring (ie put on good matches balanced with good mic work and good angles) that matters.
    I can talk myself up as being Superman, but unless I go out and fly, pick up mountains and move at supersonic speed, then I am just writing cheques my arse cant cash.

  • scooter

    @CC Actually no what you do in the ring is NOT the only thing that matters. if a wrestler has no character why would I want to see them? If a wrestlers ridiculously thin or overweight why wouldn’t I stop and think pfft he’s no athlete. Now to your argument I’m assuming what you mean by “what you do in the ring” your reffering exclusively to work rate? I don’t disagree seeing someone with great workrate can be awesome but what if a guy goes out and puts on 30 minutes of chain with one bump for the finish it would bore most fans to tears! or to go the other way what if someone does 30 minutes of flips and then they win with something just as big or dangerous doesn’t that make you question the point of all the other moves? storytelling is VERY important and character work can make telling that story much easier

  • CC

    And she ends it with “strictly for entertaining”.
    Proves my point entirely that it doesnt make a difference if WWE wants to brand themselves as entertainment, and TNA as wrestling, because its the same thing. Wrestling IS entertainment, just as any sport is entertainment.
    What matters is what you do in the ring, and TNA is no better than WWE when it comes to that.