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Knockout Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At Impact Taping, Rosita Praises Sarita

— TNA Wrestling ring announcer Christy Hemme stated on Twitter that she suffered a wardrobe malfunction at Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida.

“Dear front row at IMPACT, I publicly apologize for my wardrobe malfunction,” she wrote. “My battery pack was too heavy for the string that held it on!”

— Sarita celebrated her ten-year anniversary in professional wrestling last Wednesday—she competed in her first match on February 22, 2002 in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada. Mexican America mate Rosita went on Twitter to show her appreciation for her tag team partner and friend.

She writes, “Special shout to my cuz, big sister & one of my best friends in the whole world, Sarah Stock aka SARITA in celebrating her 10th year in the wrestling business. She is BY FAR one of the strongest people I have ever known and she will continue to kick ass.”

Rosita continued, “Love you Cuzzo!!! You will never know how much I appreciate you!!”

  • Jason

    Also me and Hernandez hang out all the time in his pimped lowrider. I hang onto his broad shoulders while he rides the wind. Hernandez is so cool.

  • Ray

    hemme is a hot tna ko.

  • Jason

    Hernandez is gone from TNA and has been for the past two weeks. Shows how much the dirt sheets know. lol

  • Greg

    Sarita and rosita are potheads? That’s news to me. Why does it matter jason what women’s wrestler on tna’s roster is a better wrestler then sarita? Shes one of the best in the world she’s always there putting in her work in fact didn’t she wrestle wearing a mask bc of facial paralysis? How can you says he doesn’t deserve a push

  • Little Jimmy

    Oh My Goodness! Ahhhh Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Fellas, fellas, fellas. Lets focus on the matter at hand. Where them pictures at? I need to check an see how offended i am.

  • MJ

    So Jason is saying that the company he works for have no draw potheads? Why keep them then? Better yet why not give them a chance because of brian kendrick and jeff hardy can be pushed and gail kim can say that wwe is disrespectful but an employee insulted 2 talents that can wrestle compared to madison rayne and velvet sky?

    apparently pushing them is out of the question because creative cant write anything for them other then stereotype gimmicks. Btw is mexican america still together or did you finally realize that the now draws were hernandez and whoever the hell that guy’s name is!

  • MJ

    ^ Yet You gave Brian kendrick the X divsion championship and Jeff hardy the world title so what’s your point Jason? I mean how many pot heads are in TNA?

  • Jason

    Give no draw pot heads a push MJ? No thanks

  • MJ

    how about TNA gives rosita and sarita a fucking PUSH!

  • Bastion Booger

    I think the real question is why is she saying sorry? I doubt anyone there was really upset by that site lol

  • shawn

    she smiled at me when i went to a then TNA event. its like her heart fluttered. i was happy and “excited” to be there.

  • drizzt

    I saw her at the Megacon in Florida a couple years ago,pretty but huge forehead. Scary huge. Also saw Socal val, very pretty in person, so was Traci Brooks.

  • zach

    go buy a 2005 playboy then

  • LSC

    I wish we had some pictures of that right now 😛