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Possible Knockouts Departure, Hart Responds to Bischoff, Angle Taking Some Time

– After Eric Bischoff called Bret Hart a “sad, bitter person” on Twitter this weekend, Bret replied:

“Just had an awesome Sunday dinner w/my wife & two boys. Nothing “sad” & “bitter” about that. 😉 #lifeisgood”

“Maybe somebody could mail Bischoff a copy of the “Greatest Rivalries” DVD”

– TNA aired the Lockdown pay-per-view in movie theaters across the United States last night and several fans at different locations reported that some feeds were out for significant periods of time.

– Kurt Angle wrote on Twitter after the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view last night that he will be taking a short break but will be back in time for the Sacrifice pay-per-view in May.

– TNA Knockout Traci Brooks has been removed from the TNA roster page, indicating her release from the company. She hasn’t appeared on TV since the January 5th episode of Impact Wrestling.

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  • eric

    biscoff russo bad writing more money being taken out than brought in. is a few of many reason wcw went under in 2001 11 years ago. biscoff had good hand in wcw going under. i notice when wcw hired russon in 1999 that is when wcw started to go down in ratings and started to go under. former v.p raw writer bruce prichard said on shoot u can listen on youtube. that vince mcmcmahon was one watching having final word with russo booking in wwe attitude era. russo with vince mcmahon watching him does really well. russo with no adult supervison does really bad booking and writing. cough cough wcw. jim cornette watching vince russo in tna was reason up till 2009 tna booking was good. russo has someone knows what they are doing watching his writing he does good. when russo is by himself disater is at door!

  • sepulz

    Yeah he ran wcw to the ground jason…I’m pretty sure if you ask anybody with even the slightest knowledge of wrestling if he did or not they would say he did…what a dumbshit

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I’m not one to feed the trolls, but seriously Jason, shut the fuck up.

  • Jason

    Bischoff a nobody? LMFAO at Austin

    Bischoff running WCW into the ground? Bigger LMFAO at Austin

    Bischoff is a third degree blackbelt in Judo and Takia. Meaning he can hold his own

  • Austin

    Eric Bischoff is nothing but a bitch!! He holds grudges way longer than he should and let’s face it now days he is a nobody!! Bischoff is worthless talentless and poison! Which is why it made me laugh when Mcmahon hired him after Bischoff ran wcw to the dirt!! I loved the fact that Vince only hired for the sole purpose of being able to personally fire his ass in later years!!! I’d love to see Eric Bischoff talk all this smack to these guy’s faces they would still knock his head off

  • scooter

    Bret will always be my hero but I can admit for a long time he seemed bitter bit so much nowadays!

  • SpudimusPrime89

    His site only has posts about appearances and not much else. And there’s no post about it on his Twitter. So, my point still stands, Bischoff can’t let go of a grudge.

  • Jason

    Bret said something just last week about Bischoff and his son on his site.

  • JOE

    ^^^^^I’m pretty sure niether bischoff or bret where alive in 1919

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Whoops, from, not form.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Well, maybe Bischoff should stop holding a grudge form comments made TWO YEARS AGO.

  • Jason

    Well maybe if Brett kept his mouth shut and stopped bashing Bischoff none of that would have happened 1919.

  • 1919dpg

    bret didn’t even have to bother answering bitchoff.