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Knockouts Match Added To Hardcore Justice, Matt Hardy Posts Status Update

— has announced a TNA Knockouts Championship Match for Hardcore Justice. Miss Tessmacher and Tara will defend the straps against Sarita and Rosita, the previous title holders.

Sarita, who announced four weeks ago via Facebook that she had suffered facial paralysis, continued to wear a protective mask at this past weekend’s TNA Wrestling live events in Texas. Her condition, however, has improved in the meantime.

— Matt Hardy, who has been inactive from TNA Wrestling since May 30, posted a status update on Twitter.

He wrote Thursday, “To all of the promoters that have contacted me about working for them, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve kinda got everything on hold for now. I would greatly appreciate your patience in me taking bookings for now, thanks!”

Company officials reportedly suspended Hardy in June due to continuously arriving late to events and posting online of himself urging Jeff Hardy to stun Reby Sky (Matt’s girlfriend) with a taser.

  • venom

    Seriously, the Big Macs are getting to Fatt Hardy’s head.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I honestly forgot about Fatt until I saw his name in the title… He needs help mentally, seems he has been losing all senses of reality since he left WWE.

  • Valo487

    Has anyone missed him since he’s been gone? I really wish Matt would shut up and work on getting his career in order, because the Hardys are doing their best to become Where Are They Nows?

  • Trixie

    That’s what I can’t stand about twitter and other sites like that: that you can post ‘important’ information that concerns business, and totally stupid personal crap like tasering your girlfriend on the same site.

  • adam

    Wow matt instead of acting like a superstar that you think you are why not just return the calls and emails. Also if it wasnt for jeff you wouldnt even have a job in tna. If they relase him because of him not being able to get his life together you will get jobbed out or released. The only reason matt keeps getting pushed is because that is what will make jeff happy but the second jeff is goine they wont give a shit about fatt hardy.

  • venom

    Fatt Hardy, we all now your status is that you weigh over 300lbs. I can’t wait for TNA to fire this guy. He seriously thinks he is some big star. He can go be the top star at the indy scenes.

  • RJ

    noone cares about the hardys anymore. judt go away matt

  • Evil Doink

    Wouldn’t it be more professional for Matt to actually return a call or email to said promoters instead of putting out one blanket tweet and assume that everyone is going to read it? To me that’s where social media goes wrong.

  • Jason

    Why doesn’t someone just taser Matt ?